Optinova Group

Precision Extrusion of Medical Tubing

Optinova Group is a leading corporation in the precision extrusion of tubing for medical applications.

Custom designed tubing for the medical device industry

Tubing from Optinova can be found as components in a large range of medical devices. All products from Optinova are produced according to customer specifications and purchase orders.

Established in 1971, Optinova has experience of custom designed tubing for the global medical device industry. Our plants are located in Finland and in Minnesota, US.

Optinova Group's wide range of extrusion capabilities is constantly developed. Our experienced personnel and state-of-the-art equipment make Optinova the right partner for any extrusion needs.

Advanced extrusion techniques

The materials processed range from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) paste extrusion, thermoplastic fluoropolymers, thermoplastic polymers, and thermoplastic elastomers in various tubing designs, making Optinova a versatile extrusion partner.

The company manufacture under current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) guidelines in a certified cleanroom or white-room environment, with in-process control to ensure the highest consistency and minimum batch-to-batch variation.

Full documentation and traceability are guaranteed.

Optinova's experience includes the choice of material and delivery of precise medical device components.

This is achieved through the use of our advanced extrusion techniques, automated or semi-automated secondary operations, and highly efficient production systems.

These components are incorporated into millions of lifesaving products worldwide.

Optinova is well- known for its consistent quality, high service level and deliveries. The company offers a solution oriented partnership, regardless of the stage of a products' life cycle, from early stage prototyping to volume production.

Tubing for infusion, cardio and vascular, and delivery devices

The company's tubing for medical devices focuses on infusion, cardio and vascular, and delivery devices.

Optinova is the world-leading supplier of IV-catheter tubing since the early 1970s. IV-catheter tubes are extruded in all commonly used materials such as PTFE, fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) and polyurethane (PUR), as transparent, striped or homogenously filled with a filler to enhance radiopacity.

The company can supply on spools or in cut lengths. Other typical infusion applications include tubing for diabetes treatment, anaesthesia and central venous catheter (CVC).

Optinova offer a complete range of extrusion solutions for cardio and vascular device manufacturing. This include beadings, monofilaments, FEP heat shrink, etched OD PTFE liners, single and multi-lumen tubing, bump / tapered tubing, balloon tubing, balloon and stent protectors, braided shafts, and CRM lead components.

Customised extrusions, as well as a range of off the shelf solutions are also available.

The company's delivery device extrusions portfolio is tailored for a range of applications with focus on consultative extrusion expertise, from quick turnaround prototyping, design for manufacturing to volume production.

Endoscopy, orthobiology, urology and women's health are examples of applications Optinova currently supplies solutions for.

Polymers for extrusion of medical tubing

Optinova can process different polymers used for extrusion of medical tubing.

Different materials used at our production sites are thermoplastic polymers such as PE, PP, PA, PET and PC, thermoplastic elastomers such as TPE-U (PUR), TPE-A (Peba) and TPE-E, and fluoropolymers such as PTFE, FEP, ETFE, PFA, and PVDF.

All incoming raw material and in-house compounded materials are carefully inspected. This ensures awareness of material quality from batch to batch.

The company's extensive experience in processing a wide range of polymers sets the platform to ensure the highest consistency and minimum batch-to-batch variation.

The core of our production is our highly trained and experienced personnel, who produce high-quality tubing.

In addition to extrusion services, Optinova offers subcontracting services and various conversion operations such as state-of-the-art catheter shafts, welding of soft tips to braided tubing, pre-fabricated packaging coils, protection sleeves and welding sleeves.

Extrusion line design and production

Optinova 's experience of extrusion line design and production, in combination with innovative, efficient in-line control equipment such as laser OD monitoring, guarantees our products meet the highest expectations.

During production, the operators perform regular, documented tests of the production performance.

Key factors in our business are tight tolerances, traceability, design services and personal customer service.

The production sites within the Optinova Group are certified according to ISO13485:2003, and operates under cGMP guidelines.

A system for documentation and follow-up was set up in response to stringent requirements of the medical device industry.

About The Optinova Group

The Optinova Group supplies advanced tubing solutions to the medical device industry worldwide. Based in Finland, the company also provides fluoropolymer tubing for industrial applications. The Optinova Group has a wide global network and its manufacturing locations include Minnesota and Bangkok.

Included in the designs of thousands of medical devices, the Optinova Group's medical extrusion solutions are well-suited for cardiovascular, delivery device, and infusion therapy applications. The company also caters to chemical, food, electrical, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries with its industrial extrusion branch, formerly known as Scantube.

The Optinova Group has extensive knowledge in extrusion and secondary operations. It offers custom extrusion services, which are tailored to individual customer requirements. Value is added throughout the design process by controlled automation process and in-line measurements, ensuring high-quality service. Production and delivery phases are closely collaborated with the Optinova Groups' customers.

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