maxon motor High-Precision Drive Solutions for Medical Technology

maxon motor develops and builds precision drive systems. The company’s DC motors with ironless windings are among the best in the world and are used wherever the requirements are high and engineers cannot afford compromises.

maxon motors drive Nasa’s Mars rovers. They can also be found in insulin pumps, surgical power tools, humanoid robots and in precision industrial applications.

Precision motors for medical markets

maxon medical is a business division within maxon motor. Wherever maximum power is needed in the smallest spaces, the precision motors of maxon medical are employed. We serve a variety of specialised markets within the medical industry, such as diagnostics, therapy, surgery, prosthetics, laboratory technology, dental technology and pharmacy.

High-precision drives for medical devices

You’ll find our reliable drive solutions in such medical devices as:

  • Insulin pumps
  • Surgical robots
  • Prostheses
  • Incubators
  • Ophthalmosurgical devices
  • Operation microscopes
  • Radiation equipment
  • Precision liquid handling systems
  • Respiratory care devices

Drives for battery-powered medical devices

Developed and produced for the well-being of mankind, our reliable drives enable battery-powered medical devices, for example, to become smaller and more efficient.

Customised drives for medical devices

The premium-quality drive solutions from maxon medical fully satisfy medical industry demands for high quality and superior service. Along with our standard product programme designed and assembled within our modular system, maxon medical offers customised drive solutions developed in close collaboration with our customers. The latest standards and international norms are an integral part of our business processes, which undergo continual improvement. maxon medical is certified according to ISO 13485 and 9001:2008.

maxon motor stands for premium quality, innovation, competitive prices and a worldwide sales network. However, what distinguishes us most is the quality of the solution that we achieve with and for our customers. See what we can do for you.

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Press Release

maxon motor Presents New Products at SPS IPC Drives Exhibition, Nuremberg

maxon motor has announced it is introducing new products in all areas of drive technology.

White Papers

Drive Systems for Medical Technology

maxon motor is a long-time partner of leading medical technology companies worldwide and covers a wide range of applications, including surgical robots, insulin pumps, prostheses and respirators.

maxon motor ag

Brünigstrasse 220

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+41 41 666 15 00 +41 41 666 16 50

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Press Release

21 November 2017

maxon motor has announced it is introducing new products in all areas of drive technology.

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2 October 2017

While robotic assistance systems are available for most types of surgery today, eye surgery used to be an exception. Dutch company Preceyes has changed that by developing a new robotic system.

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31 May 2017

maxon motor is set to introduce steam sterilisable encoder ENX EASY for its brushless direct current (DC) motors for the first time, opening up a range of new possibilities in medical technology.

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18 May 2017

Precision drive systems can be found in the home, in vehicles, and at work, making our lives simpler and safer.

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21 December 2016

Swiss drive specialist maxon motor has introduced two additional brushless direct current (DC) motors in its recently launched ECX series product line.

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7 December 2016

The maxon configurator is expanding its offering with a simple, customised, high-end drive, with access at work or at home using maxon motor's online configurator.

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10 November 2016

maxon motor has released a new issue of driven, a company magazine discussing medical technologies.

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20 September 2016

Helping return quality of life to people who have lost a hand, the Michelangelo prosthesis uses two maxon Brushless DC motors to imitate the human hand as closely as possible.

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4 August 2016

With 39 DC motors by Maxon Motors, the da Vinvi robot is carrying out an ever increasing number of surgeries.

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4 August 2016

Test driven by Raffael, the Scalevo Wheelchair was developed by ETH Zurich Students to be able to drive up a flight of stairs using caterpillars.

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2 December 2014

The maxon motor EPOS2 motion controllers for DC and brushless DC electric (BLDC) motors are being enriched by possible fields of applications.

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24 November 2014

As an addition to the ESCON controller family, maxon motor is proud to announce a miniaturised +++OEM plug-in module.

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19 August 2014

The European space probe Rosetta has reached the comet Chury, after more than ten years of travel through space.

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1 July 2014

The maxon motor Group has announced it maintained its revenue level during the 2013 business year, in spite of the strong Swiss franc, the weak development of the economy in some areas and high commodity prices.

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3 December 2013

As addition to the ESCON servo controller family, maxon motor now presents a miniaturised OEM plug-in module for sensorless BLDC applications.

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11 November 2013

In the new edition of 'driven', the maxon motor magazine, everything revolves around high-tech cameras: from professional SLR cameras and camera stabilisation systems to modern projection devices for telescopes. All these applications have one thing in common: they all use high-precision drives by maxon motor.

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30 July 2013

The new issue of 'driven', the maxon motor magazine, brings stories and applications from the field of technology to your tablet, interactive and easy-to-understand.

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1 July 2013

The maxon motor Group looks back on a successful business year 2012. In spite of modest market development, high-commodity prices and the strong Swiss franc, maxon increased its revenue to Sfr360.5m (+6.2%) in comparison to the previous year.

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3 May 2013

maxon motor's new range of servo controllers continues to expand. Just like the existing motor control units in the range, the new maxon motor ESCON 70/10 possesses incredibly easy usability and peak control properties.

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29 April 2013

The Heavy Duty Motor EC 22 HD, innovation of the year in 2010, has now been joined by a larger and more powerful version. The new, electronically commutated EC-4pole 32 HD motor has all the features of the award-winning 22mm motor.

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26 April 2013

With the GP 8 S and GP 16 S spindle drives, maxon motor is expanding the programme and simultaneously launching the ceramic spindle. The ceramic spindle is an extraordinary product, with several advantages.

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23 April 2013

Haptic applications are well-known in medical engineering, robotics and aeronautics. For example: an active helicopter sidestick generates forces that provide tactile feedback to the pilot of a conventional system.

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9 April 2013

New to the ESCON servo controller family, maxon motor introduces a miniaturised OEM plug-in module; the ESCON Module 50/5. The compact, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller offers efficient control of permanent-magnet activated brushed and brushless DC with Hall sensors up to approximately 250 Watts.

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4 April 2013

The new issue of 'driven', the maxon motor magazine, brings stories and applications from the field of medical technology to your tablet, interactive and easy to understand. This issue is all about implants and prosthetics, ranging from a state-of-the-art motorized prosthetic hand to an implanted medication pump.

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21 January 2013

Roboy has a bright future, as he represents a completely new generation of robots. The pioneering project of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) of the University of Zurich started six months ago, with the target of developing one of the most modern humanoid robots within nine months.

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11 January 2013

Starting January 11, 2013 maxon motor manufacturing will be producing the first brush-less DC motors in Korea. The new production site will strengthen the range of services in all East Asian countries.

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26 November 2012

The quality management system (QMS) of maxon motor received certification according to the EN 9100 quality standard on 23 October, 2012. The provider of high-precision drives and systems up to 500W is therefore now officially a "specialist for the aerospace industry".

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26 October 2012

As of October 25, 2012, there is a new publication from the drive specialist maxon motor. "driven - the maxon motor magazine" will be issued three times a year for iPads and Android tablet PCs.

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26 September 2012

Maxi in the matter of performance, control properties, and range of functions. Mini as far as price, size, and commissioning are concerned.

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4 September 2012

A new web tool by maxon motor, the leading provider of precision drives and systems, is now available at The "maxon selection program" (MSP) looks for appropriate drive systems that match the individual specifications of the user.

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28 August 2012

A project team with experts from science and industry, including the drive specialist maxon motor, is developing a new humanoid robot: "Roboy". On 9 March 2013, "Roboy" will be presented to the public at the "Robots on Tour" international robotics fair that will take place in Zurich as part of the 25th anniversary of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) of the University of Zurich. This development can now be followed and supported.

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7 August 2012

The landing of the Mars rover Curiosity took seven exciting minutes. Now it will be looking for signs of life on the Red Planet. maxon encoder technology will pay a part in the successful excursion of the rover.

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31 July 2012

In 2012, maxon motor presents new motors, gearheads, servo controllers, digital positioning controllers and integrated MILE encoders.

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12 July 2012

The flawless launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on 22 May 2012 is another successful step for maxon motor in the use of high precision motors in the astronautics industry.

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20 June 2012

The extensive collection with illustrations and descriptions includes formulae, terminology and explanations of the calculations that are relevant for drive systems. A flow chart provides assistance in selecting the right drive for each purpose.

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8 May 2012

The maxon motor Group continues to strengthen its local services and takes over the drive business for maxon drive systems in the Eastern European region from Uzimex AG.

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23 April 2012

The digital positioning controller EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT meets the highest demands in real-time positioning of synchronised multi-axis systems.

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17 April 2012

The worldwide leading provider in precision drives and systems is integrating its long-time sales partner, Kwapil &Co, into the maxon motor Group. With this step, maxon motor is further strengthening its presence in Austria.

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17 April 2012

Following the ESCON's launch in fall 2011, maxon motor's new series of servo controllers welcomes its second family member; the ESCON 50/5.

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10 April 2012

Taking advantage of the EC 90 flat motor's ultra slim design in high-precision applications and positioning tasks, maxon's inductive little encoder (MILE) is being applied.

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13 April 2011

In addition to its well-approved EC 22 motors, maxon now offers variants for both 40W and 100W. Sterilisable versions are also available for medical use. The performance-optimised drives are equipped with preloaded ball bearings and latest generation Neodymium permanent magnets. The mot

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