Dividella Secondary Packaging Solutions for Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

secondary packaging solutions

Dividella provides secondary packaging solutions for a wide variety of pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications including vials, pens, medical devices, combination packs, blisters, and ampoules.

Optimised pharmaceutical packaging solutions

The company specialises in reliable, optimised, and safe packaging solutions for sensitive pharmaceutical products. This sustainable packaging is made from a low-cost, easy-to-use mono material and custom pack sizes are available for cold chain applications.

With more than 30 years’ experience, Dividella customers benefit from high-quality engineering support from a team of professional and experienced staff.

Top-loading cartoners for pharmaceutical packaging manufacture

Dividella offers a range of flexible, high-output cartoners that produce a secure packaging for the storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products. The machines utilise a rotor principle and top-loading box erection techniques to ensure consistency and high-quality.

The NeoTOP range consists of a number of flexible machines that can provide an extensive variety of secondary packaging. Utilising a highly efficient packaging process, the machines are based on a scalable platform. This means a wide variety of processes can be achieved, however simple or complex.

One option is to obtain pre-erected cartons from Dividella’s sister company Rondo and load them into a machine manually. This is best for small lots, where automation is not suitable. The next level is a module that erects the carton automatically, while product loading is performed manually. Finally, the process can be scaled up to a fully automated machine. The most suitable option depends on aspects such as production volumes and the product life-cycle.

Feeding systems for parenterals

Dividella provides feeding technologies for parenterals. Able to handle a wide range of capacity demands, the system can process up to 500 objects per feeding unit. In addition, products can be orientated and individually checked before insertion.

About Dividella

Dividella provides safe secondary packaging solutions for healthcare products. With an extensive number of high-profile clients, the company provides high-quality engineering support and aims to find a suitable custom solution to meet client needs.

The company’s goal is to achieve easy-to-use packaging, with a low total cost of ownership through optimised pack sizes and the use of mono-materials. With more than 40 years’ experience in packaging and machine development, Dividella’s Toploading systems are unique, sustainable, modular units.

Dividella, and its sister companies Fargo Automation, Rondo, Werum IT Solutions, Mediseal, and Seidenader, are all part of Medipak Systems, which is part of the international Körber technology group.

Medipak Systems unites technology enterprises within Germany, the US, China, Switzerland, Brazil, and the Czach Republic to offer the latest innovations in packaging software, materials, and machines, as well as traceability solutions.

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In the packaging business, time-to-market is critical. A new product has to be able to be packaged without losing any time and it must be possible to respond within a very short time to marketing or customer requirements.


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+41 81 750 33 43 +41 81 750 33 66 www.dividella.ch www.dividella.com

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