Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Europe Conference 25-26 September 2013

Now entering its 12th year, the Pharma Packaging and Labelling Europe conference continues to remain an industry leader in its sector. Delivering the latest in new pharmacovigilance legislation, solutions to readability due to increases in required label information and setting up international systems of learning, PHPL is the must-attend event in the sector.

By providing a dedicated collection of case studies to cover scenario planning, reporting on new technologies and possibilities and the move towards new industry trends, PHPL proves itself to be a popular choice for key industry figures to discover new solutions and generate discussion amongst their peers.

Continuing the trend of high-quality keynote presentations and impressive case studies, PHPL will showcase ideas on improving patient compliance through packaging, further developing sustainability practices and expand upon achieving branding goals without compromising on compliance.

Speakers at Pharma Packaging and Labelling Europe

This year’s speakers represent some of the best the industry has to offer. With a substantial amount of experience between them and the ability to offer cutting-edge advice, solutions and insight into the industry’s key issues, we are proud to highlight our impressive array of speakers that will cover our keynote presentations, case study insight and head up our roundtable discussions:

  • Horst Kastrup, director of regulatory affairs, Meda Pharma
  • Keith Howard, manager, regulatory affairs labelling Europe, ViroPharma
  • Esther Peelen, senior consultant, GS1
  • Dirk Hendrik Kneusels, commercial director, Laetus

To see the full collection of speakers that will highlight this year’s Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling conference please visit our website.

PHPL event programme

This year’s conference features important keynote presentations and highlighted case studies that will provide insight into best practice strategies that will improve some of the most pressing issues facing the pharmaceutical packaging and labelling industry. Surrounded by case studies and in-depth round table discussions, the case studies will provide a solid basis for discussion amongst industry leaders and peers to discuss crucial topics.

Special offer – free places available

Arena will exclusively be offering a number of free places, which are reserved for VPs/directors from biotech/pharma manufacturers. If you are a biotech/pharma VP/director and are interested in attending the conference, please visit the event website and quote ‘MK-KGPT’ in the reference section.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Europe Conference

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Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Europe Conference

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