Edward Wilding

Edward Wilding, Chief Technical Officer, Data Genetics International

Edward Wilding has investigated several hundred cases of computer fraud, sabotage and misuse in many jurisdictions, in addition to serving as an expert witness for the prosecution and the defence in criminal cases, at employment tribunals, in civil litigation and at official hearings including the Hutton Inquiry.

Wilding is the author of Computer Evidence: A Forensic Investigations Handbook, published by Sweet & Maxwell in 1996, and Information Risk and Security, published by Gower in 2006. Mr Wilding has lectured worldwide on forensic methods and investigative techniques to law enforcement agencies, law firms, government bodies and IT security and audit professionals.

He has trained incident response teams for a number of multinational companies, and has conducted security and risk reviews for a wide range of corporate clients. In 2002 he co-founded Data Genetics International Limited (DGI), a company specialising in all aspects of computer crime investigation, incident response and forensic evidence.

Edward Wilding

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