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Top Five Myths of Deviation and CAPA Systems

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'How to Simplify for Improve your Deviation and CAPA Systems' is one of NSF's most popular in-house courses. The company provides simple tools and techniques that dramatically improve efficiency, while also dispelling some myths. Here is a sample of some of the common myths.

Myth 1 - every deviation has a 'root cause'

One of the biggest failings in most deviation investigations is the tendancy to look for just one 'root cause'. A single event that led to the deviation, 'human error', or 'procedural non-compliance' are some of the most common.

However, this is rarely the case and there is seldom one root cause, but a number of contributing factors. To prevent an incident happening again, you need to remove as many of these factors as possible.

To find out more about the top five myths of deviation and corrective and preventative action (CAPA) systems, download this free whitepaper.

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