Micro Systems Technologies Group

Components for Medical Devices

Your Partner and Specialist for Advanced Microelectronics

Micro Systems Technologies Group

Founded as a supplier of electronic modules for active medical implants (e.g. pacemakers), MICRO SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (MSE) in Berg (Germany) is now an important partner and specialist for the international electronics industry. The company provides sophisticated solutions for advanced electronics at the highest level of quality.

Full support chain from layout generation to module assembly

MSE's mission is to support each customer as a partner - from the concept phase through prototyping to volume production, from design support through quality management to procurement.

MSE offers all the key processes needed to manufacture an electronic module from one source. The company applies the expertise and experience it has gained in medical technology to every sector where high reliability, miniaturisation, high-temperatures, high frequencies or hermetic encapsulation play an important role.

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