Schneeberger Linear Technology

High-Precision and Reliable Components for Medical Device Applications

Schneeberger Linear Technology: High Precision, Innovative and Reliable

Schneeberger Linear Technology

Mechanical engineers used to install separate mechanical linear bearings and electronic measuring systems. Schneeberger's integrated AMS measuring system has combined the measurement and guide functions in one unified product.

Electronically supported linear technology allows precise, low-friction movements from one point to another, and also provides instant information about the system's current position. The AMS measuring system reduces thermal variations and functions more precisely and cost-effectively in extreme conditions, than a system with separate components.

Inventions such as the integrated measuring system are clear evidence of our engineering expertise and technical excellence. Founded in 1923, Schneeberger built the foundations of modern linear technology in 1945, and has remained at the top of this highly competitive market, by revolutionising linear technology with the invention of frictionless linear bearing guides.

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