M&As this week: CombiMatrix, Skyline Medical, Victory Square Technologies

CombiMatrix Corp and Invitae Corp have announced plans for an all-stock merger for $33m.

CombiMatrix is a molecular diagnostics company based in the US, while Invitae is a genetic information company also based in the US.

The acquisition is expected to strengthen Invitae's position in the genetic information services space.

Skyline Medical Inc has announced plans to merge with CytoBioscience.

Skyline is the developer of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved STREAMWAY System, while CytoBioscience is a biomedical company.

Both the entities involved in the merger are based in the US.

"The purchase will enable Cantel Medical to expand its endoscopy products portfolio."

Canadian technology company Victory Square Technologies Inc, through its subsidiary Victory Square Health Inc, has acquired 25% stake in Insight Diagnostics Inc.

The acquisition will enable Victory Square Technologies to grow its business.

US-based medical equipment company Cantel Medical Corp plans to acquire German medical equipment manufacturer BHT Hygienetechnik Holding GmbH for $60.8m.

The purchase will enable Cantel Medical to expand its endoscopy products portfolio.

Private equity firm Star Capital SGR SpA has announced that it has acquired a majority stake in medical diagnostic device company, Biochemical Systems International Srl.

Both the companies involved are based in Italy.