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28 February 2017
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CCL Healthcare - Secondary Printed Packaging and Counterfeiting Prevention for Medical Devices

Bavaria Medizin Technologie - Intravascular Devices and Catheters

cab Technology, Inc. - Thermal Printers for Medical Device Labelling Applications

The Health Industry Summit - Exhibition of New Technology in the Medical Device Industry

Stäubli Electrical Connectors - High-Precision Electrical Connector Solutions for Medical Technology

Press Releases

Cendres+Métaux's Three New Divisions Start to get their Own Identity.
After creation of first two divisions CM Medtech and CM Luxury+Industry at end of 2015, Cendres+Métaux made the acquisition of Momo Plus AG in July 2016. This was integrated and renamed in CM Microtech.

NSF International Partner with IDMA to Provide Quality management Courses to Pharmaceutical Industry
NSF International is partnering with the Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (IDMA) to offer a customised, five-module pharmaceutical quality management (PQM) education programme in Bangalore, India.

cab Technology's General Manager Discusses Importance of Intelligent Devices
Long before advanced manufacturing and the Internet of Things became evident, cab devices did far more than just printing on a label.

AL428FDA Two-Part Epoxy Resin
AL428FDA is a two-part, heat-resistant and low exothermic epoxy adhesive formulation. It is a solid epoxy adhesive, with superior chemical resistance and shear strength.

Manufacturer Mikron Automation Expands US Headquarters in Metro Denver to Meet Rapid Growth
Mikron Automation and Denver-based Confluent Development have announced the expansion of Mikron Automation's US headquarters in Arapahoe County's Dove Valley Business Park.

White Papers

Label Printers and Accessories Product Brochure
cab Technology presents its wide range of products, including label printers and accessories, print and apply systems, marking lasers, label software, and...

Cendres+Métaux Services for the Medical Industry
Cendres+Métaux offers a wide variety of products and services to help you launch your new medical device....

What is Micro-Molding?
There seems to be a lot of talk these days about micro-molding. This reflects the increased interest from designers and manufacturers in producing and procuring high precision,...

Deficiencies in QMS
The MHRA has been one of the few regulatory authorities to publish the statistics and classifications for the deficiencies it finds during inspections....

Assuring Component Reliability in Medical Electronic Devices
While reliability is critical for electronic medical devices, its just as crucial for the components comprising those...


3D printing could transform the healthcare sector
Ever since 3D printing was conceptualized in the 1980s, all the sectors that have utilized this technology have witnessed a paradigm shift. The healthcare sector is one of them.

January’s top stories: Fujifilm's Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, VolitionRx gets CE mark
Fujifilm Medical Systems USA has secured premarket approval (PMA) for its Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) option of ASPIRE Cristalle system, and VolitionRx secured CE mark for its Nu.Q Colorectal Cancer Screening Triage Test. Medicaldevice-network.com wraps-up the key headlines from January, 2017.

Customised 3D printed medical devices are improving cost efficiency and productivity
3D Printing (3DP) or Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a revolutionary method of manufacturing a three-dimensional object by building successive layers of raw material.

Why 'surgeon' robots are set to revolutionise healthcare
The robotically-assisted surgical (RAS) devices have evolved from semi-autonomous equipments such as the da Vinci robotic surgical system, which simulated the motion of the surgeon's wrist till 7 degrees mimicking the human arm to the fully automatic devices such as the Flex robotic system.

2016: The year's biggest Medical Device Network stories
UK launches new bowel cancer home testing kit and Abbott agrees to buy St Jude Medical for $25bn. Medicaldevice-network.com wraps up the key headlines from 2016.


The Double Coating that Spares Everything Except Fungi
Fungal attacks on elastic polymer materials in the body, such as silicone and polyurethane, are a serious problem.

Standardising USB in Medical Applications
USB is gaining popularity in the medical segment. One of the major challenges for medical designers is medical standards

Connecting Healthcare with USB
Telehealth systems enable the healthcare industry to cope with an ever-increasing elderly population and the associated

The Perfect Cure: IR Spot Curing Speeds Production and Saves Energy
Abstract: A new generation of advanced infrared spot curing systems delivers optimal curing quality, cuts cure time four

Medical Surgical Instrument, MLE and Plasma Surgical – Developing the PlasmaJet®
"MLE possess a remarkable technical ability; they are brilliant at understanding a brief and are very passionate and sin

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