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15 November 2017
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Managing Risk in Medical Connectors
Fischer Connectors highlights important changes to risk management requirements enacted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the implications to manufacturers of medical devices.

Etched OD PTFE liner
Optinova offers an etched outside dimension (OD) Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) liner for pharmaceutical cables.

Testing Machines and Systems for the Medical Industry
This brochure provides an overview of instruments, machines, systems, and services available from Zwick Roell for testing products from the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries, as well as their use in research and development (R&D), production, quality assurance, and control. 

Performing Successful Clinical Evaluation Seminar
QUNIQUE will be hosting a new seminar on 11 January 2018 discussing performing successful clinical evaluation in the medical device industry. 

Healthcare Steam System Solutions

Press Releases

QNP2 Series XY Piezo Nanopositioning Stages
Aerotech’s QNP2 series XY, parallel-kinematic, piezo positioning stages combine sub-nanometer resolution, high dynamics, and excellent geometric performance in a compact, low-profile package.

Autoinjector Testing with Zwick
An autoinjector is a medical device used to administer liquid medication that is subject to strict quality controls.

MARACA International at Medica
MARACA International has announced it will be participating at Medica Trade Fair, Germany.

Lynne Byers and David Waddington Join NSF International’s Pharma Biotech Service in Europe
NSF International has appointed Lynne Byers as executive director and David Waddington as director of its pharmaceutical biotech services in Europe.

DYCONEX Automates Production Processes with Robots
MST company DYCONEX has increased productivity in production through targeted use of robot handling systems for loading and unloading laser machines.


Medical Technology – Issue 4
In this issue: The world's smallest surgical robot, designing medical devices for emerging markets, tackling drug adherence with connected technologies, and the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData's healthcare team.

Surgical robotics: small is beautiful
British company Cambridge Medical Robotics is setting out to launch the world’s smallest surgical robot and take on a multi-billion dollar industry dominated by an American goliath. We speak to co-founder and CEO Martin Frost about the Versius robotic system for universal minimal access surgery, and the company’s plans for carving out a niche in the rapidly growing market for surgical robotics.

Silk could soon be used to repair damaged spinal cords
For the half a million people who are affected each year, spinal cord injury can be life-changing. It can lead to loss of movement and sensation, can alter bladder control and sexual function, and can cause pain.

Disposable devices take the lead in negative pressure wound therapy
Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), sometimes referred to as topical negative pressure therapy or vacuum-assisted wound closure, is an advanced wound management technology that is being used in the treatment of both acute and chronic wounds.

Bright sparks: the electroceuticals generating potential
If remembering to take your medication is a constant grind, or you suffer from severe side effects, you might be tempted to ditch the pills altogether. So how about having your body’s neural circuits modified by an electronic implant instead?


Creanova Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner
Paramed Medical Systems has introduced a novel new MRI scanner, based on a revolutionary magnet technology and a novel open architecture. This technology made it possible to adapt a new U-shaped configuration, designed to avoid claustrophobic reactions of patients by creating open space above the patient's head and body.

A Mobile Robot Driven by Miniature Onboard
Presented at the 34th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference. 2008; 9-10.

International Connections
All makers of medical devices know that safe and reliable connectors are a crucial part of any product development. One

Fracture Mode Analysis of a Cervical Spine Locking Plate (CSLP)
We have only performed non-destructive analysis on the fractured CSLP pieces to determine only the fracture mode.

Bringing Silicone Rubber to New Levels
Nanon has over the last few years developed four unique technologies, able to assist the medical device industry to exte

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