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Snapshot: Biomaterials that deliver antimicrobials

Hospital acquired infections are increasingly common, but new antimicrobial devices could stem the tide. To reduce the toll of hospital acquired illnesses, manufacturers are increasingly developing various ‘anti-infective’ devices. In this special report we examine the potential market for antimicrobial biomaterials.

Injection moulders pump up the volume

Medical device manufacturers are under pressure to produce innovative, high-tech products in ever greater volumes. Harald Schmidt of Mold Hotrunner Solutions tells Medical Device Developments how injection moulded plastic parts in general, and hot runner systems in particular, can offer flexibility and cost-efficiency to the booming healthcare industry.

Better by design: keeping the user in mind

User-centred design is a legal requirement for medical device development that goes well beyond ensuring basic safety. Jennifer Martin of the University of Nottingham expains why exhaustive research and testing play such an integral role when it comes to satisfying user requirements.

Acoustic micro-devices make sound progress

Early detection of circulating tumour cells in peripheral blood may help determine the effectiveness of cancer therapies. Itziar González of the Spanish National Research Council explains the benefits of a new, non-invasive approach that uses ultrasonic technology to identify suspect cells.

Snapshot: The Market for Genetic Testing

Our unique genetic makeup can provide scientists with the information to predict disease even before it shows. Advances in accuracy and steady market growth are opening a number of exciting new doors when it comes to understanding, predicting and eventually treating disease. Using detailed GlobalData research, we determine the market for genetic testing to 2016.

UK Medical Device Awards: From the Podium to the Public

To promote innovation in medical devices, healthcare competitions are finding new ways to save lives. Liam Stoker investigates the winners of the recent Smart Solutions for Healthcare competition, endorsed by the UK’s NHS, to uncover the benefits of such competitions and find out more about the cutting edge of diagnostic medical device research.

Device + biologic = a winning combination

Combination device manufacturers face challenges regarding sterility, shelflife, packaging and mixing active ingredients. Colin Toombs of PA Consulting talks to Nic Paton about the rewards and potential pitfalls of bringing such cutting-edge products to market.

Value judgements: Q1 medical device deals

Rising valuations caused M&As and asset transactions to fall in value by 75% in Q1 2011, reports GlobalData.

Top ten green medical devices

Although the medical device sector is still behind other industries in terms of ‘going green’, change is in the air. An increasing number of manufacturers are now beginning to make the shift towards sustainability, using innovative techniques to save energy and reduce environmental impact. Medical Device Developments editor Elly Earls profiles the ten most exciting ‘green’ medical products and initiatives on the market and under development.

Injection of pace: the insulin delivery devices market spikes

The global insulin delivery devices market is set to be worth $10.8 billion by 2016, reports GlobalData. This growth is driven by an increase in the incidence of diabetes worldwide and ongoing investment in new technologies that serve niche patient groups.