Medical device wholesalers buy medical equipment and products directly from manufacturers in bulk quantities and sell the same to retail and induvial customers. They facilitate and streamline the procurement process by breaking down the bulk purchase for safely storing and efficiently distributing the products in smaller lots.

The rising number of surgical and diagnostic procedures and the increasing investment by medical technology companies are propelling the growth of the medical device industry, which in turn is boosting the medical supplies and equipment wholesaling sector.

Finding the top medical device wholesalers

Medical Device Network has listed some of the leading medical device wholesale distributors and wholesalers based on its intel, insights, and decades-long experience in the sector. The list includes wholesalers of a wide range of medical device products including, but not limited to:

  • Medical capital equipment and surgical instruments
  • Operating room equipment and ventilators
  • Biochemistry, molecular biology, haematology, genetics, and microbiology lab equipment
  • Biological signal monitoring systems
  • Sterilisers and medical ovens
  • Optical medical devices
  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Radiotherapy systems
  • Medical gas systems and components, and
  • Audio and hearing aids

The information contained in the download document is intended for hospital administrators, senior procurement executives, medical supplies logistics and wholesale distribution managers, resource planning analysts, medical device manufacturers, sales specialists, inventory management coordinators, and any other individual involved in medical device procurement, storage and distribution.

The document contains detailed information on the medical device wholesalers and their offerings, as well as contact details to aid your purchasing decision.

Benefits of wholesale medical devices purchase

Wholesale distributors play a key role in the medical device supply chain, offering more benefits and options to consumers.

Bulk purchase of medical devices, components and associated materials help customers with lower prices, convenient delivery options, wider product range, effective negotiation strategies, and the reduced risk of buying low-quality duplicates.