AmerisourceBergen-a-us-based-drug-wholesale-company-announced-plans-to-launch-a-platform-that-aims-to-expedite-patient-access-to-physician-ordered-digital-therapeutics-and-diagnostics-dtx-connect”>In the upcoming years, digital health tools and technologies such as electronic medical records (EMR) are expected to further integrate into the healthcare industry due to the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. EMR systems have been developed and integrated into the healthcare sector to facilitate proper patient record keeping that can be shared between healthcare practitioners and their patients. AmerisourceBergen, a US-based drug wholesale company, announced plans to launch a platform that aims to expedite patient access to physician-ordered digital therapeutics and diagnostics, DTx Connect.

DTx Connect is able to integrate with EMR and enables physicians to access and order prescription and non-prescription therapeutics and monitor patient fulfilment. EMR systems in medical practices have been increasingly adopted worldwide due to their convenience and ability to organize important patient information into easy-to-manage computer/web-based programmes. According to GlobalData, EMR systems will reach a global market value of $54.9bn by the end of 2028.

With an increasing shortage of healthcare professionals and increased workflow in healthcare facilities, the importance of digitisation and modernisation of current EMR systems is extremely important. In the near future, more EMR systems will be developed and integrated with other modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud technologies and wearable devices.