• 10 August 2020

    Covid-19 testing still matters

    As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world, testing remains the most important way to monitor its reach. Testing provides necessary information for countries to act on in...

  • 31 July 2020

    Mobile Health Apps: Timeline

    mHealth apps are almost solely used at the end users/payers stage by hospitals, medical offices, and patients. Clinical trials are also starting to use mHealth apps to help collect and...

  • 30 July 2020

    Mobile Health Apps: Regulatory Trends

    Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic governments in different countries have recognised the importance and benefits of mHealth apps and encouraged development of new mobile health technologies. In March...

  • 28 July 2020

    Mobile Health Apps: Technology Trends

    As mobile devices continue to become more prevalent and technologically advanced, innovators also continue to develop more mobile applications, or apps. Apps can be highly complex, leveraging the power, popularity,...

  • 28 July 2020

    Digitalization: Timeline

    The global healthcare market is a fast-moving market, currently worth $8 trillion. With numerous large and small companies vying for more market share, digitalization is an important tool to help...

  • 27 July 2020

    Digitalization: Macroeconomic and Regulatory Trends

    Digitalization of medical devices has become more prevalent in the past few years, and GlobalData predicts that this trend will continue and accelerate in the next 10 years. However, as...

  • 24 July 2020

    Digitalization: General Trends

    The term digitalization refers to the process of converting analogue data into a digital format. Finding the best way to harness the power of digitalization is essential for any organisation....


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