Results from a clinical trial have revealed that Abbott’s HeartMate 3 left ventricular assist device (LVAD) demonstrated superiority over the HeartMate 2 LVAD in the long-term treatment of end-stage heart failure.

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The results, posted at the 68th American College of Cardiology Scientific Session on 17 March, of the MOMENTUM-3 trial have been cited as promising. Experts say the results demonstrate that further engineering by medical device manufacturers can produce a significant and positive impact on the treatment options for patients with end-stage heart failure.

Abbott’s MagLev pump technology, which is used in the HeartMate 3, is thought to be responsible for the reduction of many severe complications of end-stage heart failure treatment, such as stroke, thrombosis and re-operations for pump replacement.

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As such, the device has been established as a clear choice for patients who are unsuitable for heart transplants and who do not respond to other treatments. The rate of stroke was more than 50% lower in the patient pool with the HeartMate 3 after two years. Abbott’s HeartMate 3 LVAD device has also demonstrated reduced hospitalisation time and vastly reduced blood clotting.

These combined findings are an important step toward reducing the costs associated with end-stage heart failure management and will drive the adoption of the implantable HeartMate 3 in developed and developing countries alike.

As newly engineered LVAD devices continue to demonstrate lower risks of complications, re-operations, and hospitalisations, GlobalData expects that the global market for implantable LVADs being used as destination therapies in the treatment of end-stage heart failure will continue to grow over the next decade.