• 19 July 2018

    Neuromodulation: where to invest next?

    For an investor, neuromodulation is a double-edged sword. Although it is one of the fastest growing medical device markets in the healthcare industry, it involves a mechanism of action that...

  • 31 May 2018

    Can EEG effectively predict Autism onset?

    The early and accurate diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in children is crucial. However, with ASD being behaviorally as opposed to biologically defined, early diagnosis can be challenging. The...

  • 12 March 2018

    IVCF: implants that kill

    IVCFs, or inferior vena cava filters, are a medical device that is implanted into the vena cava of a patient who is at a high risk of developing a pulmonary...

  • 21 February 2018

    Digital health highlights in neurology in 2017

    An increasing number of pharma companies are going ‘beyond the pill’ to improve health outcomes for neurological diseases. GlobalData identified three highlights for the neurology market.