A new technology developed by researchers in Korea may replace pacemakers. Researchers from Yonsei University have developed an ultrathin device that monitors cardiac activity and manages cardiac rhythm with electrical stimulation. Pacemakers have been capable of these tasks for the past few decades, but they are bulky and invasive, and the surgery to have a pacemaker inserted is complicated and risky. The new, ultrathin technology may be a less intrusive option, as it is the width of a human hair and utilizes a special adhesive that sticks easily in wet conditions.

Although it is unknown when this new technology will enter the market, as it is still being researched and developed, the price point for the device will also likely play a part in replacing pacemakers. In 2022, the average selling price of a single pacemaker in the US is about $5,000. GlobalData forecasts this price to decrease at a rate of 7.25% over the next three years. If priced competitively, this new technology will cause a large shift in the pacemaker segment of the cardiology market.