The regulation of software as a medical device is required to ensure that software used for medical reasons produces accurate, safe, and effective outcomes.

A software application that is meant to be used for the diagnosis, treatment, or monitoring of diseases or impairments is considered a medical device. The FDA based its policies on the specific function of the software. This means that different regulations may apply depending on the aim of the software.

Due to the Covid-19 impact, the FDA was able to change parts of its enforcement regulations, allowing certain types of medical devices to be sold for home usage. The FDA guidelines that are required for approval for the remote patient monitoring sector are segmented into non-invasive remote monitoring devices, which measure or detect common physiological parameters, and non-invasive monitoring devices that wirelessly transmit patient information to their healthcare provider or other monitoring entity.

During the evaluation process, technical documents such as risk analysis, user instructions, validation reports, and other components such as design verification, production process control, and post-market surveillance systems are all reviewed.

Most digital health apps in the US are classed as Class I devices, which require FDA premarket registration. If an app poses a risk, it will be designated as a Class II or Class III device, which will necessitate additional testing before it is given to the public.

Medical applications that work in conjunction with medical databases or devices are often intended to target specific diseases or ailments. The market for regulated medical apps is predicted to reach $12bn by 2030, according to recent forecasts based on a GlobalData thematic analysis. Medical applications are often tailored to a specific disease or condition and are commonly used in combination with medical devices. In certain circumstances, they are designed to educate healthcare providers about the use of medical devices. This means that when a corporation launches a medical gadget, it may also launch an app to accompany it.