In April 2019, Medtronic announced the release of its Solitaire X revascularisation device and Phenom 21 catheters for the delivery of all sizes of the Solitaire X.

Stent retrievers 2019

GlobalData estimates that in the US, stent retrievers are used in approximately 60% of all thrombectomy procedures, whether alone or through a combined approach with aspiration.

The US thrombectomy market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10–12% over the next 10 years due to increased recognition that thrombectomy yields superior results for stroke patients over pharmaceutical treatment alone.

Four major manufacturers currently occupy the stent retriever landscape in the US, led by Medtronic with over 50% of the market share, and followed by Stryker with one-third of the market. Despite the fact that Stryker’s Trevo stent retriever is the first and only device indicated for treatment lasting up to 24 hours, Medtronic has maintained a solid presence in the market.

Improvements in the Solitaire X stent include a lower delivery force and complete visualisation for smoother navigation to occlusions in distal vessels as small as 2mm. The latest upgrades may further strengthen Medtronic’s presence as the market leader by addressing the need for easy navigability in small, tortuous vessels and the ability to retrieve hard-to-reach distal occlusions.

GlobalData expects that despite studies demonstrating that stent retrievers from Stryker and Medtronic yield similar results, the continuous improvements in ease of use and navigability, particularly within small vessels, will be what determines preferences among physicians.