Social media’s picture-perfect culture is creating a massive demand for whiter teeth, with falling numbers of people satisfied with the results of over-the-counter products.

As social media strengthens its grip on society, many users feel pressured to look picture-perfect at all times and are turning to dentists for professional treatments. Professional treatments include take-home kits prescribed by the dentist and in-office teeth whitening procedures.

The retail market for teeth whitening is massive and includes countless product options, from specialised toothpaste to overnight bleaching trays.

Start-ups, such as HiSmile, have been wildly successful in marketing their products to social-media-obsessed millennials. However, while most retail options are cheap and easily acquired, users are less confident in their effectiveness.

A survey by GlobalData last year revealed that dentists are seeing an uptick in patients purchasing take-home kits from clinics because they believe that the guidance of a professional will provide them with better results, while patients who opt for in-office procedures are aiming for faster and more effective treatments.

Both in-office and take-home teeth whitening systems are experiencing high demand globally and dental clinic sales of teeth whitening systems are expected to grow from $620 million to $1.8 billion by 2028, according to figures from the data and analysts company.

This strong growth will continue to be fueled by patients’ confidence in professional procedures and dentist-recommended products, which are proven to provide faster and more reliable results than most retail options.

Teeth whitening sales

Source: GlobalData 2018