The digital health technology company, TytoCare, has launched a handheld telemedicine device, called TytoHome, nationwide in the US through the retailer BestBuy.

TytoHome is a telemedicine platform that allows a doctor to remotely examine a patient’s heart, lungs, ears, throat, skin, and abdomen. At-home telemedicine devices enable users to skip travelling to a doctor for a standard visit, which can greatly lower the patient burden on emergency rooms and physician offices.

TytoHome is a handheld device that pairs with iOS and Android-based mobile devices. It guides users through performing a quick examination to transmit audio, video, heart rate and temperature readouts directly to a physician for an assessment.

This allows home users to seek medical advice and treatment options 24 hours a day in an entirely virtual manner. Virtual care, often in the form of telehealth, is an increasingly attractive option for individuals who have difficulties travelling or who have small children. TytoHome is poised to greatly lower healthcare access barriers for individuals across the US.

The TytoHome device retails at US$299.99, with consults costing upwards of US$60. TytoCare is working with LiveHealth Online and Sanford Health medical providers to provide nationwide US coverage.

With telehealth and virtual care being increasingly adopted, GlobalData expects TytoHome to further push home-based telehealth into the mainstream. However, given the price of the device and subsequent visits, penetration into lower-income or price-sensitive demographic groups is expected to be minimal.