With the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting lives and industries around the world, telemedicine solutions, particularly the use of mobile health applications, have been one of the most prominent ways to respond to the pandemic and contain the spread of the virus. According to a GlobalData research report, since the beginning of the pandemic there has been a sudden increase in mobile apps and visits to websites that provide telemedicine services. Furthermore, as many countries ramp up their vaccination efforts, it is important to have a convenient way of accessing vaccine records in order to help with reopening economies and communities.

OneRecord, a US-based digital health company, in collaboration with the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI), announced a new solution for presenting and storing vaccination records via web devices and iOS, which includes a feature to store the records in Apple Wallet. OneRecord’s new product offers a convenient way of presenting proof of various vaccinations such as Covid-19, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and cholera for travelling or studying internationally.

While storing vaccination records within Apple Wallet is convenient and novel, it excludes the users of Android-powered devices. OneRecord has mentioned that it is already working on similar wallet pass features for Android devices and web platforms.

With countries ramping up their vaccination rates and various studies suggesting the importance and effectiveness of vaccines, the question of how to verify vaccine records for various purposes is being raised more often. Telemedicine solutions have already proven their usefulness in the fight against Covid-19 and with mobile health applications offering an effective and convenient way of storing, accessing and verifying vaccination records, it is clear that telemedicine will stay in the healthcare industry even after the Covid-19 pandemic is over.