Canadian health officials in British Columbia have confirmed a case of Wuhan coronavirus.

This confirmed case follows two other confirmed cases in Toronto, Ontario. There are over 30 cases of Wuhan coronavirus beyond Asia’s borders; it has spread to Canada, US, France, Germany, Australia, and Singapore. Across Asia, the coronavirus has spread to over 7,700 people and has resulted in 170 deaths.

The original infection is believed to have been transmitted from wild bats to humans, but human to human transmission has now been confirmed. The Wuhan coronavirus appears to be less fatal than former viral outbreaks, such as SARS and MERS, but is more contagious, according to France’s health minister. Scientists across the globe estimate that each affected individual will infect between two to five other individuals on average.

Given the ability of the virus to transmit between humans, special containment attention needs to be implemented in healthcare settings across the world to prevent the spread of the virus to vulnerable populations. China has taken aggressive action to stem the spread of the virus and has quarantined Wuhan from the world and has sanctioned the rapid construction of multiple care facilities in order to treat the infected. GlobalData expects the rising number of infected cases around the globe to impose heavy pressures on global healthcare infrastructure while hospitals push to implement proper quarantine controls in order to prevent further disastrous outbreaks.