MPT Europe to Showcase Stent Radial Compression Measurement at Medtec 2010

MPT Europe has developed the RCM-60-WB, a system for the measurement of radial compression force on stents while being fully submerged in an underwater environment.

Stent up to 60mm length can be measured with this specific system. For longer stents the measurement head can be customised.

The radial compression test method has proven to give much more accurate results then the currently used flat plate or V-block measurements. The method of measurement is recommended by the FDA for measuring the radial strength and stiffness. The radial measurement is much more realistic to the in vivo situation regarding the deformation of the stent and the environment. Tests with different stent designs have shown the system to be very accurate and repeatable.

The RCM-60-WB uses a unique crimping head technology that was developed by MPT Europe and uses zero-gap technology and can fully close. The heads can be manufactured at different lengths and maximum opening diameters.

At the MEDTEC 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany, MPT Europe will exhibit the equipment and staff will be present to explain the advantages of the MPT Europe system over other used measurement methods.

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