Dr. COLLIN Releases New White Paper: ‘Extrusion Lines for Medical Applications’

Dr. COLLIN, a leading provider of medical extrusion lines for the production and development of catheter tubing, infusion bags, subcutaneous implants and tablets / pills, has released a new, free-to-download white paper: ‘Extrusion Lines for Medical Applications’.

The precision and performance capabilities of COLLIN® extrusion lines make them ideal for the production of extrudates for medical purposes. Compounding lines as well as lines for manufacturing mono and multi-lumen catheter tubing are available, along with equipment blown film for infusion pouches and flat film for various applications.

All product contact components are fabricated from FDA-approved steels. Surfaces are either stainless steel or given a special paint finish, depending on requirements. Particular attention has been devoted to ease of cleaning, which also includes systematic avoidance of deposits of all kinds.

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