PartnerTech to Supply Certified Fiscal Control Units for Electronic Cash Registers

Retail Innovation will expand its collaboration with PartnerTech. PartnerTech, which has been central to the entire product development effort for type A and type B
CleanCash® fiscal control units, will now manufacture the unit for electronic cash registers in the Swedish market as well.

“CleanCash® was developed in Sweden, and all production is in cooperation with
PartnerTech, a Swedish contract manufacturer,” says Hans Schröder of Retail Innovation. “After close collaboration, we know that PartnerTech possesses the experience and business structure needed to handle an assignment with high requirements for quality and development expertise. When it comes to production, we use PartnerTech as a supplier. PartnerTech is a leading, listed manufacturer with a strong production organization that
ensures quality, capacity and reliable delivery.”

The development of CleanCash is based on new Swedish Tax Agency regulations to the effect that any business that conducts cash transactions must use a certified cash register as of 2010. The purpose is to protect legitimate credit card providers against unfair competition. An estimated 250,000 businesses will be affected by the new law. Furthermore, many retail outlets have more than one electronic cash register.

“We are very happy that Retail Innovation has chosen us to support the development and production of the newly certified fiscal control unit,” says Johan Halling, managing director of PartnerTech Åtvidaberg. “It confirms that PartnerTech has a strong offering, along with suitable development and manufacturing skills, even when our production is subject to extensive review as part of product certification.”

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