Selling Value with Customer-Centric Strategies – MDDexec’s Forthcoming Sales and Marketing Conference Attracts Industry Leaders

MDDexec’s second annual sales and marketing conference in Minneapolis in May (20-21) has been described as ‘shaping the direction of improved medical technology and healthcare reform’ (Ron Rush, VP sales, Physician Reimbursement Systems). With an expected 200 attendees and more than 25 industry leaders including Jeff Duchemin (VP sales, BD), Jerry Conway (VP sales, Genyzme) and Alisa Lask (VP marketing, Zimmer) offering keen insights on all of the latest trends and challenges, it’s no wonder 92% of last year’s delegates plan to attend in 2010.

Hot topics, top speakers

Jeff Duchemin, Luis Abudo (VP sales and marketing, Stryker) and Bryce Klontz (director US marketing, Covidien) will be opening the summit, discussing the key challenges in adopting new technologies in the current healthcare system. Given the recent healthcare reform this panel discussion is the perfect way to start the event.

Continuing momentum

Jon Gwillim, marketing director of MDDexec, says: “I’m truly amazed at the support and momentum this summit has developed over the last few months. It’s clear to see the attendees from 09 are keen to develop lessons learnt from 09. With a greater focus on business excellence and ecommunications, in addition to more traditional SFE topics, May 20-21 will be an industry driving event.”

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