Exploring Possibilities of Measuing Stress Levels Between Burnour and Bore-out

In order to enhance personal safety and wellbeing, a European research project is exploring the possibilities of measuring specific stress levels between burnout and bore-out.

The system uses common consumer wearable sensor devices and can be easily enhanced for other purposes, as well as linked to a database system.

While this ambient assisted living (AAL) project is supposed to support elderly people at work, the technology has potential to be adapted to other areas of work and private life.

In the Trans.Safe project, devices and applications are developed out of an international and interdisciplinary team from universities, associations, and specialised companies in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, and Italy.

Konplan, as a mechatronic engineering company, shows its expertise in the programming of the cloud database and interfaces, as well as the running of integration tests for several system components. These include smartphone apps, sensors, and cloud databases.

Continuous Integration, unit tests and automated UI tests allow modification within a very short time and make sure that this system is executable as intended.

Applicability is ensured through the constant involvement of potential end users. Product design and usability are monitored by project partners.

The wearable data collection system part delivers information about variable parameters such as heart rate variability (HRV) and galvanic skin response (GSR). These data are combined with the environmental data collection of temperature, humidity, light intensity, and noise levels.

An algorithm detects the grade of overload respectively underload and suggests an intervention. In this research, the light effects are investigated and a device with special glasses is developed.

With this project, Konplan proves its excellence as a partner for ambitious interdisciplinary and international mechatronic engineering.

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