Five Events Join Forces to Boost Medical Innovation at Medical Fair China

Supported by the Suzhou Government, Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) (MDS) has joined forces with major partners in various medical sectors to stage the first Global Device Week in Suzhou.

Taking place from 6 September to 9 September, 15,000 visitors and top delegates are expected to shape the future of the medical industry.

Modern medicine is developing towards areas such as early detection, precise quantitative diagnosis, non-invasive treatment, individualised diagnosis and treatment, and intelligent services. Family and individual health status and recuperation, disease detection, health management, rehabilitation, and healthcare have helped to push the pace of China’s medical device innovation.

To respond to this trend, Medical Fair China and its prestigious partners will launch the Global Device Week in Suzhou International Expo Center, aiming to support international innovation, collaboration and the speed up of commercialisation for medical device clinical research and institutes’ achievements.

Five high-calibre events will be staged at the same time. Participants will include China Medical Innovation Forum (CMIF), China Medical Device Design & Startup Competitions (CMDDSC), Device China, Transformation Medicine and Innovation Service Forum (TM&IS), and Future for Health (FTR4H) Talk & Lounge, as well as more than ten subforums, which are expecting to cover up to 20,000m2 and gather national academic speakers, overseas guests, and innovative roadshows of high-profile innovation projects from China and abroad.

In attendance will be more than 400 local and international innovative medical device research and development (R&D) institutions and manufacturers, as well as renowned innovation service providers.

In addition, 5,000 forum participants are expected, which will include investors, presidents and clinicians, universities and research institutes, as well as global dealers and market leaders worldwide. In total, more than 15,000 industry peers are estimated.

Suzhou Municipal Government also makes great efforts to support and promote the events.

The events featured in this Global Device Week include:

3rd China Medical Innovation Forum 2018 (6 September)

This year’s forum will be the third session, jointly hosted by China Strategic Alliance of Medical Device Innovation (CSAMDI) and MDS in a bid to promote innovation in China’s medical device industry from an international perspective. The event aims to explore new ideas in exhibition services, transformation medicine and cooperation among medical institutions and physician groups in the broad environment of innovation and development.

Last year, CMIF attracted 1,268 visitors, featuring medical device retailers/agents, investors in the medical device sector, clinical specialists/physicians, product designers, R&D, registration institutions and medical device manufacturers.

This year’s visitor numbers are likely to set a new record. Topics will include the changes and interpretation of Chinese policies on medical device innovation, development trend of China’s medical device innovation and market, application of 3D additive manufacturing technology in innovative medical device R&D and production, application of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) in disease diagnosis, and a crossover assembly of AI and Medicare masters.

China Medical Device Design & Startup Competitions 2018 (6 September)

CMDDSC is a national design and startup competition in the medical device industry initiated and approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), and organised by CSAMDI under the direction of the MOST.

It is intended to stimulate innovation dynamics of enterprises and medical practitioners, reinforce connection of innovation and clinical application with financial capital, deepen joint establishment of more efficient and practical innovation service platforms by all aspects of the medical device industry like production, teaching, research, application and supervision, and drive sustainable innovation of China’s medical device industry.

There are around 300 events for registration. 45 events will be qualified through audition, 15 of 45 go-to finals. Around 400-600 experts or visitors are expected to take part.

Device China 2018 (from 8 September to 9 September)

This forum has been successfully held for seven years since 2011 as the premier venue in China focusing on medical device industry development. Device China vigorously creates industry health ecosystem, discusses front development trends, builds special communication platforms and search for development solutions.

The forum has attracted numerous acclaimed local and foreign medical device inventors, medical scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and multinational top management. It has also boasted a good reputation in the industry.

Device China 2018 is hosted by Suzhou Industrial Park Biotech Development and China Association for Medical Devices Industry, and planned and organised by Suzhou Innomd Medical Innovation Service.

With 500-600 participants expected, the forum covers a variety of topics, including ‘Cardiac-cerebral Vascular and Neurosurgical Disease Innovation and Investment’; ‘Orthopedic Instruments and New Clinical Technology Development’; ‘In Vitro Diagnosis and Gene Sequencing Industrial Development Forum’; ‘Medical AI + IoT Development Forum’; and ‘Special Roadshow of Innovative Medical Device Projects’.

Transformation Medicine and Innovation Service Forum 2018 (from 6 September to 7 September)

The forum aims to intensely analyse the transformation of hospitals, research institutions and R&D departments of Chinese enterprises, combining production, teaching and research.

Topics will cover the significance of transformation promotion through innovation service providers, to make the innovation service sector a boost to the ecosystem for production, teaching, research, application and funding, and pushing forward the process of China’s medical device innovation.

More than 2,000 guests are expected to attend the forum, which includes highlights such as ‘Special Roadshow of Physician Innovation Projects’, ‘Workshop on Policies for Hospitals to Encourage Transformation’, ‘Workshop on China’s Medical Device Industrial Park Operation Management and Incubator Functions’, ‘International Workshop on Medical Device Usability and Human Factors Engineering’, ‘Workshop on Great Vessel Surgical Instruments Innovation’, ‘China Workshop on Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments Innovation’, ‘Workshop on Medical Device Good Clinical Practice’, ‘Workshop on Administration of Research Institution’s Medical Device Animal Testing’, ‘Medical Device Innovation Service Providers and Upstream Material Supply Exhibition’, and ‘Exhibition of Chinese Medical Device Industry Parks and Policies’.

FTR4H 2018 Talk & Lounge (from 6 September to 8 September)

FTR4H is a global platform enabling discussions, meetings, dialogues and networking among thousands of digital health start-ups, corporations and investors, including accelerators and media from around the world.

In 2018, 500 experts or visitors are expected to take part in, FTR4H will explore how digital transformation affects the healthcare industry onsite, including:

  • Feature phones, smartphones, phablets, tablets, wearables, augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR), voice assistants
  • Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, drones, robots, 3D printers
  • Big data, smart data, genomics data, bioinformatics
  • Medical diagnosis, Robo-Doc, health advisor, machine learning

FTR4H acts as a Think Tank and definer to connect all global digital health companies in markets such as China, Europe, India, Israel and the US with the members of MEDICAlliance.

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