Toughened Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive / Sealant Meets Nasa Low Outgassing Specifications

Master Bond’s EP21TDCHT-LO two-part epoxy adhesive / sealant is specially formulated for demanding applications where factors like temperature cycling, high vibration and mechanical shock are an issue. It withstands cryogenic temperatures and meets Nasa low outgassing specifications.

This versatile system is used for a wide variety of structural, electronic, aerospace, medical, and oil and chemical processing applications. EP21TDCHT-LO has a convenient mix ratio of 1:1 by weight or volume and is formulated to cure at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures.

As a toughened system, EP21TDCHT-LO is particularly well-suited for bonding dissimilar substrates, especially when they have differing coefficients of expansion. It has an outstanding service temperature range from 4K to +350°F.

Other notable features include a shear strength exceeding 2500psi, a peel strength of greater than 20pli, and a shore D hardness of greater than 60. The cured epoxy has excellent chemical resistance and is an electrical insulator.

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