CNC Machining, Assembly and Design Services for Medical Device Components

2342 North Penn Road,
PA 19440 Other,
United States of America

2342 North Penn Road,
PA 19440 Other,
United States of America

AeroMed is a full-service manufacturer offering CNC machining, assembly and design services. Founded in 1969, AeroMed develops and manufactures precision medical device components that assist in providing improved quality of life.

Precision CNC machining and assembly of medical device components

As a contract manufacturer specializing in precision CNC machining and assembly for the medical device markets we have experienced rapid growth since moving to our new and expanded facilities in 1996. Our attention to detail and superior quality standards have made our company what it is today: a highly responsive, technologically advanced source for manufactured medical device components.

Our mission is to develop strategic partnerships with our customers, based on mutual trust and respect, providing full-service manufacturing and engineering from development through production.

CNC Swiss and high-speed milling of medical device components

We offer a range of services in the manufacture of precision medical device components. These include:

  • 13-axis precision CNC Swiss turning
  • Multi-axis (five) high-speed milling
  • White room – assembly, test and packaging
  • Robotic ultrasonic cleaning
  • Microscopic deburring, polishing and marking services
  • Titanium anodizing (including Type II)
  • Passivation
  • Rapid prototyping and launch
  • Comprehensive program / project management
  • Vendor managed inventory

ISO-registered medical device component manufacturer

We are an ISO-registered manufacturer of precision medical device components. Our CNC machining, assembly and design services are carried out under strict quality control:

  • ISO 13485:2003 and 9001:2008 registered
  • Coordinate measuring machine – CMM
  • Positive material identification – PMI
  • Advanced video inspection equipment
  • Cosmetic inspection
  • Statistical process control

Precision components for medical markets

We develop and manufacture precision medical device components for a range of medical markets, including:

  • Orthopedics
  • Drug delivery and infusion
  • Micro / minimally invasive
  • Spinal fixation
  • External fixation
  • Surgical instrumentation
  • Maxio facial

Medical device product engineering and design consultancy

Med-Aide Design Group is a full-service product engineering and design consultancy. We have extensive experience with all phases of product development, from concept inception through transfer to production. Our staff of professionals is accustomed to working in a team environment with both start-up and established companies.

We are very familiar with conducting product development in a regulated industry and have a thorough understanding of FDA and ISO design controls. We have developed both single-use and reusable devices and also have experience with drug / device combinations.

Our background spans a broad range of medical fields including general surgery, electro-surgery, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology and orthopedics. In addition to direct product development we have been involved with the design of a number of verification protocols and analogs for blood and thrombus.

Med-Aide’s product development capabilities are augmented by our association with AeroMed, which provides a responsive and robust prototyping capability along with well-integrated manufacturing engineering and review.

Design and development services for medical device manufacturing

Med-Aide Design Group’s capabilities include:

  • Concept and requirements development
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Full design and development
  • Prototype development
  • Evaluation and verification – FAI, FMEA
  • Design for manufacturability and cost efficiency
  • Full production support
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