Connecticut Spring & Stamping Announces Medical Capabilities

Connecticut Spring & Stamping (CSS), a manufacturer of precision parts for the medical, aerospace, firearms and defense industries worldwide, announces its broad technical expertise in developing and manufacturing precision medical product components, including springs and progressive stampings.

CSS manufactures tight tolerance springs, which are used in minimally invasive handheld surgical devices. CSS offers spring prototyping and complete new product development services. Low volume, short-run manufacturing is available, as well as high-volume production and warehousing. Springs are manufactured in a wide range of flat stock and wires and are produced according to customer specifications. They range in size from .002in to .350in in diameter.

CSS’s metal stamping expertise in the medical device arena includes prototyping and high-speed progressive die stamping from 30t-300t, in-die tapping, reel to reel processes, modular die options and short run stamping. The company has supplied stampings for hand-held surgical devices, endoscopic clip appliers, surgical saws, suturing devices and staple removers. Drive channels, jaws, drive and retraction springs, surgical staples and titanium clips are some of the components produced for these assemblies.

“CSS has a very broad technical expertise team that assists with part and tooling design, ultimately developing sophisticated tooling to produce extremely tight stack up tolerances,” said Steve Dicke, vice president of sales and marketing at CSS. “We excel in engineering support and design assistance necessary to get medical products to market ahead of schedule and within budget.”

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