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AT&S is the market leader in Europe – and among the world’s largest and technically most-advanced companies – in the production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). In the high-tech segment of HDI microvia technology, which is primarily used in hand-held applications, AT&S is perfectly positioned. AT&S also operates successfully in the automobile industry and in industrial and medical technologies.

‘One-stop shopping’ – meeting all customer requirements – is at the heart of AT&S’ strategy. Our main aim is to offer tailor-made service packages for every size of customer and every customer requirement.

In the industrial and medical area, AT&S offers its customers a broad range of products and technologies. We are constantly working on improving and developing new production processes and large development projects, such as printed circuit boards with integrated resistors and capacitors in order to optimise the final product’s performance and further drive miniaturisation.


In the area of medical electronics we produce HDI microvia and flexible printed circuit boards as well as standard printed circuit boards. Many medical electronic products, such as MRI, CT and x-ray systems, are produced in relatively low volumes, but have multiple PCBs within these systems.

AT&S has a vast experience in this area as well as in the production of large lots, e.g. for hearing aids. Several PCB product characteristics are common in the medical market (various sizes, copper weights, layer counts, materials, etc.). It is AT&S’ goal to fulfil the requirements of our customers and to provide them with a tailor-made solution.


As one of only a few manufacturers of printed circuit boards, AT&S offers its customers a wide and varied range of the latest products using innovative PCB technology made in modern PCB factories with state-of-the-art technology.

  • Single-sided printed circuit boards
  • Double-sided printed circuit boards
  • Double-sided printed circuit boards with plated-through holes
  • Multilayer printed circuit boards of up to 22 layers
  • HDI microvia printed circuit boards
  • Semi-flexible printed circuit boards
  • Flexible printed circuit boards
  • Rigid-flexible printed circuit boards


It pays to have AT&S printed circuit boards, because we see ourselves as a total solutions’ provider. Our core competence is the development and production of innovative solutions in the area of electro-mechanical interconnection technologies. We can offer customers the following value-added services:

  • PCB design and design-support
  • Prototyping and express service
  • Supply chain management
  • Assembly

As an internationally growing company, AT&S is globally prominent with its three production locations in Austria and factories in India, China and Korea. Furthermore AT&S maintains a sales, service and logistics centre in Germany, design centres in India and Germany, and a number of sales offices all over the world.

It is AT&S’ goal to further extend its role as a technology pioneer, to drive the group’s growth forward and – as a global player – to be the world’s strongest-performing producer of printed circuit boards. The three cornerstones of this strategy are an uncompromising commitment to growth, a corporate culture with an unconditional emphasis on customer service, ethics and the ongoing optimisation of the group’s business processes.

AT&S is a total solution provider and a development partner. Using our worldwide sales, service, technology and supplier network we offer our customers optimal conditions for successful market processing and a high degree of delivery assurance. Our value-added services optimise the end product’s total costs.

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Press Release

AT&S Invites You to a Conference Call to Hear Results for the Third Quarter of the Financial Year 2009/10

Harald Sommerer, CEO, Steen E Hansen, CFO, and Hans Lang, IRO, will address AT&S's analysts and investors to present the company's financial results for the third quarter of the financial year 2009/10. The call details are as follows: Date: Thursday 21 January 2010

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Press Release

14 January 2010

Harald Sommerer, CEO, Steen E Hansen, CFO, and Hans Lang, IRO, will address AT&S's analysts and investors to present the company's financial results for the third quarter of the financial year 2009/10. The call details are as follows: Date: Thursday 21 January 2010 Read more

14 December 2009

In today's meeting the AT&S supervisory board decided that DI Andreas Gerstenmayer (44) will take over the position of chairman of the management board as per 1 February 2010. He will succeed Dr Harald Sommerer, who has been a member of the management board of AT&S since September 1997

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25 November 2009

At today's AT&S Capital Markets Day the company gives an outlook for the full financial year 2009/10 as well as on the following financial year. Outlook for the financial year 2009/10, ending at 31 March 2010 The third quarter will be significantly stronger th

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20 October 2009

AT&S has recently announced its results for the second quarter of the financial year 2009/10. They are as follows: The results for the second quarter show a definite upwards trend; sales revenues rose from €25.5 million in July to €27.7 million in August and €34.

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15 September 2009

The management board appointment of Dr Harald Sommerer (42), chairman of the AT&S Austria management board, expiring on 30 June 2010, will not be extended. This is at the request of Dr Sommerer. He gives the need for new challenges – after more than 12 years of working for AT&S – as the r

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8 September 2009

The transition of Austrian AT&S's Leoben-Hinterberg facility's new strategic focus on European business and away from volume production for global markets has been largely completed. Extremely successful sales and marketing activities and gains in market shares allow more capacity to be ret

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12 March 2009

Corporate social responsibility is a major topic at AT&S, Europe’s and India’s largest producer of printed circuit boards (PCBs). This year the AT&S Group supported an ambitious project put forward by the AT&S India subsidiary, and on 16 February 2009 the residents of Korehundi, a v

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26 January 2009

AT&S’s revenues in third quarter 2008/09 totalled €117.1 million, down 7.5% on the same period last year. In the first three quarters of financial 2008/09, revenues amounted to €351.4 million, 4.6% less than in the comparable period in 2007/08. Gross profit for the third quarter of

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