AT&S Group and AT&S India Build Medical Centre and Kindergarten for Needy Families Near Nanjangud, India - Verdict Medical Devices
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AT&S Group and AT&S India Build Medical Centre and Kindergarten for Needy Families Near Nanjangud, India

Corporate social responsibility is a major topic at AT&S, Europe’s and India’s largest producer of
printed circuit boards (PCBs). This year the AT&S Group supported an ambitious project put forward by
the AT&S India subsidiary, and on 16 February 2009 the residents of Korehundi, a village close to AT&S’s Nanjangud plant,
celebrated the completion of a new, fully equipped medical centre and a kindergarten for needy families
in the area.

AT&S, the largest PCB manufacturer in Europe and India, supports humanitarian projects around the world
each year. This year the AT&S Group and the management of AT&S India decided to play their part in providing
permanent medical care for the people of Korehundi village in India. The village now features a new medical
centre equipped with a full range of facilities, including sanitary installations, treatment rooms and office space.
Healthcare was previously administered at the local temple – there were no treatment and storage rooms
available, and privacy for patients undergoing treatment was virtually unheard of, as most examinations took
place in public and with a minimum of resources. The centre, which is provided with equipment such as
electrocardiographs (ECGs) and devices for measuring blood pressure and blood sugar, was opened at a
ceremony in Korehundi village on 16 February 2009. The new, fully equipped kindergarten will provide
education for around 30 local children.

“As sustainable development and corporate citizenship are of major importance to AT&S, we aim to make a
tangible contribution to the welfare of people living close to our international plants by supporting health care
and education projects,” said AT&S CEO Harald Sommerer at the opening ceremony. “In recent years the local
population has had access to medical services at our Indian plant. By building the medical centre we have taken
steps to ensure that the people of Korehundi village can obtain basic healthcare closer to home,” he continued.

Korehundi village is situated close to the AT&S works in Nanjangud, India. Approximately 800 villagers live there, mainly working in farming and poorly paid jobs as day labourers. AT&S has been supporting the region for several years by providing services such as free medical treatment and medication from the AT&S India works’
pharmacy. A number of educational initiatives have also been implemented – the local school has been
renovated and financing provided for school uniforms and textbooks.

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