TEAC provides medical-grade video recorders, medical video management solutions, and Digital Imaging and Communications (DICOM) gateways to connect high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video sources available in operating rooms.

The goal during our developments is to provide affordable, easy-to-use medical image and video recorders, which can provide functionality for a smooth workflow. We have decades of experience in designing products clients can trust, along with 20 years of medical-grade video recorder expertise.

DICOM video recorders

Our DICOM video recorder, DICOM-Gateway, can be used alongside existing equipment within the operating room, so there is no need to exchange expensive equipment like endoscopy tower or other video sources.

Our medical image management systems allow clients to work with a worklist to avoid failure through correct patient mapping, as well as the automated transfer of images to the PACS-patient folder and to a shared folder within the company network.

Medical Video Recorder.
Medical Image Documentation System / Connectivity.
UR-4MD Medical Recorder, backplane and its high variety of in- and outputs including old SD inputs S-Video and Composite (via BNC).
Medical Image- and video recorder / live video feedback.
Medical Image- and Video Recorder: Clarity / Intuitive Use.
Medical Video management: Simple patient data copy.
Medical Recording Integration Board Score with same features as UR-4MD.

We are also one of the only manufacturers still offering digital inputs such as digital visual interface (DVI), high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and analogue inputs such as S-Video and composite via bayonet Neill-Concelman (BNC) to digitize older equipment, linking it with digital networks.

Medical-grade video recorders

Our medical image and video recorders are easy to set up through an auto-scan function, automatically displaying live pictures of the connected device upon power cable and video input connection.

All of our available inputs can be used alongside our video-documentation systems, and we offer simple workflow to reduce user training to the shortest possible timeframe.

Easy to use medical-grade video recorders

Our medical-grade video recorders come with several security features to avoid loss of pictures or videos. Internal hard disk drive (HDD) can be used as a backup, while each patient can easily copy required data.

The medical recorder uses security features to avoid defect videos in the event power is lost with an auto-shutdown feature. Therefore, in case of power failure, the recorder has enough energy to close videos before shutting down the system.

Frequent accidents that can happen in the operating room are power cable disconnection through the wrong movement of a tower or pushing of the tower’s main switch having forgotten to push the stop button of the recording device. Our devices enable staff to concentrate on the patient at hand, not complex machines within the operating area.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recording board solutions

For simple integration solutions to medical products, we also offer integration board solutions to upgrade medical devices such as endoscopes, surgical microscopes, ultrasounds and x-rays, among others, to provide image and video recording.

Our integration board score provides the same software features as our UR-4MD device, including patient data entry, the proper folder structure for each patient, video and picture saving, backup, remote control and DICOM option.