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Drug Delivery Devices, Surgical and Diagnostic Disposables

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Carclo Technical Plastics is a subcontract manufacturer and a subsidiary of Carclo plc. Some 60% of Carclo Technical Plastics’ business is dedicated to supplying the healthcare industry, namely the medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics and eyecare fields.

Disposable plastic products for in-vitro diagnostics

Typical products include drug delivery devices, surgical and diagnostic disposables. A strong focus of its business is in the production of disposable plastic products for use in in-vitro diagnostics applications from the laboratory to the point of care. Typical examples include pipette tips, cuvettes, pregnancy test cartridges, test cassettes and reagent packs, which are produced on a sub-contract basis for Carclo’s customers who range from blue-chip multi-national corporations to start-up businesses.

Inhalers and injection devices

A further area of specialisation is in the manufacture of drug delivery devices such as inhalers and injection devices.

All facilities within Carclo Technical Plastics are accredited to ISO9000 and EN13485. Carclo employs robust design for manufacture, risk analysis and process validation throughout the product development, scale-up and commercial production phases. This reduces risk for both Carclo and its customers.

Medical optical systems

Carclo’s optical design team is a differentiating feature of its offering and plays a key part in a typical programme. The company has a team of optical engineers dedicated to designing optical systems such as cuvettes, lenses and light guiding systems specifically to be moulded in plastic using the very latest optical software tools and advanced computer analysis. 

Carclo also differentiates itself from its competitors via its:

  • Polymer gear design and manufacturing technology
  • Inkjet coating technology
  • Soluble polymer developments
  • Wet chemistry laboratory for handling a variety of media
  • Insert moulding, in-mould decoration and two-shot moulding which complement its precision injection moulding capabilities
  • High degree of automation with high degree of engineering support
  • Proven transfer processes which enable customers to take commercial advantage of Carclo’s global footprint

About Carclo

Carclo Technical Plastics partners with both blue chip and start-up companies in the development of new medical devices. This is supported in the US/UK with multi-disciplinary technical project and regulatory teams. Through the development process, Carclo works with its customers to identify the most appropriate Carclo facility for production scale-up.

Carclo plc is a UK-quoted group with annual sales of approximately £80m. The Technical Plastics division has annual sales of approximately £60m and operates on a global basis in the US, UK, Czech Republic, India and mainland China.

Carclo Forms New Company: Carclo Diagnostic Solutions

Carclo announces that it has formed a new company to license its innovative enabling technology to customers in the point-of-care (POC) diagnostics arena. The new company, Carclo Diagnostic Solutions, has developed a proof-of-concept, disposable electronic testing platform which takes a

Carclo Technical Plastics Opens New Manufacturing Facility in India

Operating from a facility in Doddaballapur, Bangalore, Carclo India was initially established in 2007 to service one of its major customers who had set up an Indian manufacturing facility. Due to excellent supply performance, an opportunity was created to expand Carclo's capabilities in India to

Carclo Technical Plastics

600 Depot Street

Latrobe USA 15650


United States of America

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