Carclo Forms New Company: Carclo Diagnostic Solutions

Carclo announces that it has formed a new company to license its innovative enabling technology to customers in the point-of-care (POC) diagnostics arena.

The new company, Carclo Diagnostic Solutions, has developed a proof-of-concept, disposable electronic testing platform which takes a sample of body fluid and provides a permanent digital output of a test result. The low-cost technology, branded microPOC, will be available to interested parties to license and apply to their own specific assay. Initial development as a D-dimer assay has proved successful but is equally applicable to a wide range of assays.

In 2007, Carclo established a joint project with BBI Holdings (‘BBI’), to develop a low-cost immuno-assay based on technology developed by a venture capital backed company, Platform Diagnostics (‘PDL’). BBI contributed the assay chemistry which was initially aimed at a test for D-dimer, an indicator of deep vein thrombosis. Carclo contributed the hardware development: precision moulded microfluidics, mechanical design and an innovative low-cost reader based on Carclo’s own Conductive Inkjet Technology. This development was completed at the end of 2010. Carclo’s investment over the life of the project was £0.7m. The joint project successfully demonstrated a low cost, single use, point-of-care quantitative test for D-dimer.

Carclo retained ownership of the patents and IPR related to the hardware platform and the low-cost reader. It is apparent that this technology has application across a broad range of point-of-care diagnostic tests and is not limited to use with PDL’s Capillary Agglutination Technology (‘CAT’). Accordingly, Carclo has formed Carclo Diagnostic Solutions to hold the intellectual property rights and to offer access to this innovative platform. Carclo Diagnostic Solutions has also taken an exclusive licence on PDL’s technology and will invest £0.5m over the next 12 months to expand the range of assays applicable to the CAT technology. Carclo plans to invest an additional £0.5m directly in Carclo Diagnostic Solutions to develop the hardware platform for use with industry standard ELISA assays.

Carclo Diagnostic Solutions has entered into a partnership with EKF Diagnostics (‘EKF’) to bring their Argutus Medical kidney markers to market in this innovative format and is exploring further partnerships with other key players in the diagnostic market. Carclo Diagnostic Solutions does not plan to enter the diagnostic market directly, nor to develop or own the bio-chemistry behind the assays. However, the company will retain manufacturing rights for devices based on our IPR to underpin the continued growth of Carclo Technical Plastics.

Commenting, commercial director of Carclo Diagnostic Solutions, Martin Day, stated: “We are excited to announce the formation of Carclo Diagnostic Solutions to commercialise the microPOC technology. We believe this to be a ground-breaking technology which companies will seek to use to bring new tests to the point-of-care market.”

Carclo Diagnostic Solutions brings together expertise from Carclo Technical Plastics in the manufacturing of microfluidic diagnostic devices, electronics expertise from Conductive Inkjet Technology and in-house development of hydrophilic surface treatment, reagent chemistry and welding/assembly techniques.

Carclo Technical Plastics is the largest division within Carclo plc with manufacturing operations in the UK, East and West US, Czech Republic, India and China. The business increasingly adds value to its customers by assembling and packaging finished devices for the medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and ophthalmic sectors. Typical products include drug delivery devices and diagnostic consumables.

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