Medical Extrusion Lines

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COLLIN provides medical extrusion lines for the production and development of catheter tubing, infusion bags, subcutaneous implants or tablets / pills, as well as equipment for sampling of pharmaceuticals. Each product is individually tailored to the customer’s project, and a validation master plan is specified and followed by the COLLIN® team.

The backbone of COLLIN’s medical extrusion lines is medical single-screw extruders, medical twin-screw compounders and medical calenders.

Medical single-screw extruders

ME 16, 20, 25, 30 and 45 medical single-screw extruders provide a throughput range of 0.15kg/hr-45kg/hr. They are dedicated to operating in a cleanroom environment; barrels are water-cooled as are the asynchronous servo drives. The control system is microprocessor-based with an LCD display and data wheel as the user interface. Touch-screen is available as an option.

Medical twin-screw compounders

MZK 12, 16, 25 and 35 medical twin-screw compounders have a throughput range of 0.05kg/hr-70kg/h. COLLIN compounders are designed for quick dismantling and easy cleaning. Like the single-screw extruders, medical twin-screw compounders are equipped with water-cooled barrels and asynchronous servo drives. The microprocessor-based control system can also be operated via LCD display and data wheel or via a touch-screen display.

Medical calendars

PK 110 and 200 medical calendars, with nip forces up to 10t and highly true-running rolls, provide the basis for maximum machine accuracy. The automatic nip width adjustment and nip width control ensure precisely formed pills. A touch-screen system controls the process and gives a wide range of parameters for filing, evaluation and reporting.

High-precision gravimetric dosing systems are available in each configuration.

Mono-layer and multi-layer catheter tubes

COLLIN manufactures mono-layer and multi-layer catheter tubes with mono and multi-lumen design. The tube diameters range between 0.5mm and 8mm at a maximum line speed of 120m/min. COLLIN’s unique modular design of all components ensures high flexibility in production. The materials used are polyolefins, polyurethanes, flexible PVC and polyamides. The diameter-controlled haul-off speed provides tight diameter tolerances.

Layer sheets for infusion bags

Three, five or seven-layer sheets are available for infusion bags or other medical packaging, produced via water-cooled blown film or a high-speed cast film process. For blown films, the vertical extrusion into a water cooling ring provides optimum film transparency. The maximum lay-flat width is 530mm, and line throughput is up to 100kg/hr. Cast film lines are designed in a special compact way for incorporation into clean rooms. Sheet width is up to 600mm, and line speed up to 120m/min. All modular components such as extruders, co-extrusion dies, haul-off, winders and data acquisition are fine-tuned for perfect operation.

Production line for continuous pill forming

The medical twin-screw compounder combined with slot die, medical calendar and cooling / separation belt turns into a production line for continuous pill forming. Combined with strand die, cooling belt and pelletiser, a line for pellets of drug-loaded polymers for further extrusion and injection moulding is ready for production.

In combination with a medical single-screw extruder, a mono or multi-layer die and a vertical water bath, drug-loaded polymers can be extruded as high-precision profiles for subcutaneous implantation. This process eliminates any influence of gravity on the calibration system and guarantees the highest precision in diameter and roundness. The diameter range is between 1mm to 10mm at a maximum line speed of 25m/min.

In either case, the touch-screen operated system controls the process and provides a wide range of parameters for filing, evaluation and reporting.

Medical multi-filament line

The CMF 100 basically developed for testing and developing multi-filaments is an ideal system for the production of medical yarns. The compact, modular line is extremely well suited for easy handling as well as for frequent material changes. The line speed up to 1,000m/min and the extremely low throughput of the accurate working extruder allows the production of very thin yarns with even a low number of filaments. These yarns are used for the production of wound-covering fabrics.

The hinged safety enclosure ensures a high level of safety for the operator and reduces the noise level. Equipped with special filters and airflow, the product guiding part of the line can be designed as a mini clean room.

ISO-certified provider of medical extrusion lines

The quality management system of COLLIN guarantees that all processes in all phases of the machine design / construction are documented and controlled properly. The basic rules outlined in 21 CFR, Part 11 are observed when designing proper FDA software.

Introducing COLLIN’s New Micro Compounding Units

A new series of micro compounding twin screw extruders for sampling medical polymers or pharmaceutical mixtures is now available from Dr. COLLIN. With their screw diameters of 12 res. 16mm, COLLIN's micro compounders are designed for the smallest throughputs (e.g. 50g/hr) as required for sampling

Blown Film Quenching Line Now Available for Customer Trials at COLLIN’s Lab

A three-layer blown film / quenching line is now available for customer trials at COLLIN's lab in Ebersberg, Germany. The production line for processing medical PP polymer grades is equipped with a double station winding unit as well as edge trim / slitting unit. Due to its compact design, the wh

Dr. COLLIN Introduces New Unit Designed for the Production of Medical Fibres

Dr. COLLIN's latest product, the CMF 100, is an ideal system for the production of medical fibres. This compact, modular line offers easy handling and is suitable for frequent material changes. The line speed up to 1,000m/min and the extremely low throughput of the working extruder allow the prod


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