HEKUMA, a member of the elexis group, specialises in moulding automation systems for the plastics industry. HEKUMA develops, designs, manufactures and assembles complete automation systems, including high-speed linear take-out robots, six-axis robots, upstream and downstream automation, and quality testing, and offers full system integration of injection moulding machines, moulds and automation systems.

HEKUMA is your competent partner in the medical devices, automotive and consumer goods markets. The company is located in Eching close to Munich, in Germany. HEKUMA is a member of the stock-listed elexis group. Hekuma is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Precise, clean medical injection moulding

From petri dishes to well plates to lancets – medical care and pharmaceutical research make heavy use of a broad range of injection-moulded disposables. As most applications are sensitive to inaccuracies and contamination, immaculate quality is a must. Whereas traditional injection moulding still holds a large market share in medical and pharmaceutical device manufacturing, requirements for careful handling for the moulded parts is gaining importance. In addition, most medical injection moulding requires clean room environments.

Compliance with numerous medical and pharmaceutical standards and extensive validation processes are a matter of course. These requirements, combined with high-volume production, clean room packaging and other downstream operations can only be fulfilled with automated processes.

HekuCell high-performance automation technology.
Detailed view of an automation system for petri dishes.
Detailed view of an automation system for pipette tips.
Automation system for pipette tips.

High-availability moulding automation systems

Automation systems with high availability, large cavity numbers and short process times ensure efficient clean room utilisation and cost-efficient production. Automated 100% quality inspection systems (such as visual inspection, leak or permeability testing immediately after the moulding process) separate faulty parts from further downstream processing, ensuring that only good parts will be processed.

Customised moulding automation systems

HEKUMA’s objective is the development of customised high-quality moulding automation systems with outstanding performance and economic efficiency. HEKUMA has extensive know-how on automation for small, complex or multi-component products. HEKUMA’s high-speed robots feature a design that will obtain the shortest possible cycle times; always on the basis of realistic constraints and specific production specifications.

Moulding automation systems for petri dishes, wells, infusion ports, cuvettes, pipette tips and cups

HEKUMA has realised mouding automation solutions for petri dishes, wells, infusion ports, cuvettes, pipette tips and cups, to name just a few. Upstream and downstream operations include parts preparation for insert-moulding, cavity-oriented sorting, quality assurance systems, parts assembly including ultra-sonic welding and laser processes (marking, welding, cutting, etc), packaging and other operations required.

HEKUMA support its customers with validation and DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ qualification documentation, or carries out these processes completely on request. HEKUMA’s automation systems confirm to FDA, GMP and GAMP regulations.