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Medical Ventilation Blowers

Zürcherstrasse 51,
CH-8317 Tagelswangen Other,

Zürcherstrasse 51,
CH-8317 Tagelswangen Other,

For more than 46 years Micronel has been a leading Swiss manufacturer of high-quality products used in the car industry and for aircraft, military, laboratory and personal protection purposes. In the last ten years developments in the medical field have became more and more important for Micronel. Today we can proudly say that we are one of the world’s leading companies for medical ventilation blowers. Several well-known manufacturers worldwide are using Micronel blowers in their high-quality medical ventilation devices.

Blowers for sleep apnoea devices

The success story started with the development of a blower for a sleep apnoea device. High quality and reliability were and still are main targets for Micronel. Today we supply two of the smallest blowers for CPAP and Bi-Level applications in the world: the U51DL and U65MX.

Blowers for home care therapy and pulmonary therapy devices

Compact design, high dynamical characteristics and excellent pressure stability are requirements that Micronel meets with the U65MX and U71MX blowers for home care therapy devices.

Blowers for intensive care ventilation

Pressure up to 100mbar and possibility of oxygen (O2) admixing are high requirements which can be achieved by our two-stage blowers U51D2 or U65H2.

Blowers for transport ventilation

With an excellent motor concept incorporated into an optimal blower design, our U71HX or U71MX blowers can reach an efficiency of over 40% – a big advantage, especially for battery-driven transport ventilators.

Blowers for paediatric ventilation

High reliability and high dynamic behaviour as well as low noise emissions are targets that Micronel achieves with its medical ventilation blowers.

Blowers for cough ventilation

High pressure up to 50mbar combined with a high flow of 1,000l/min (outlet as well as suction side) are characteristics that can be achieved with the U80DX ventilation blower.

Customer-designed OEM blowers

Design your own blower with your own label. We design, develop and produce your blower related to your requirements and our expertise. Ongoing developments and improvements will give you the best blower for your application.

Biocompatible materials for medical blowers

All materials used in our medical blower range are biocompatible. On request the blower can be supplied with an oxygen-resistant motor (special treatment of bearings, lubricant, rotor and stator).

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Zürcherstrasse 51

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