Mikron Automation is a leading manufacturer of automation solutions.

Mikron Automation is a leading partner for scalable and customised assembly systems, from the initial idea to the highest performance solutions.

Mikron’s expertise and proven track record guarantees the most productive solution to assemble customers’ products at each stage of its lifecycle.

Assembly solutions for disposable medical devices

Mikron Automation supplies solutions for devices such as inhalers, pen / auto-injectors, catheters, e-devices, wearables, point-of-care (POC) and molecular diagnostics.

Mikron G05 Assembly Line Processor Value Unit (PVU)
Mikron Automation conducts tests from the pilot line up to the automatic line.
Full qualification support for good automated manufacturing practice (GAMP) is provided by Mikron, to ensure compliance with strict regulations in pharmaceutical and medical device industries.
Mikron has 250 global customers from a range of markets including pharmaceutical and medical devices and consumer goods.

Core competencies include the design of highly standardised manual to fully automatic modules through its Mikron G05 and EcoLine platforms, as well as its expertise in complex process integration.

Systems for loadings and unloading parts

Mikron Automation uses Polyfeed, a flexible feeding system, to sort components from bulk and Tray Handler, for flexible feeding, loading and unloading of parts from trays. Its hardware and software machines are validated according to good automated manufacturing practices (GAMP-5) and its solutions operate with outputs from four to more than 400 parts per minute.

The company accommodates for special conditions, such as cleanroom ISO 7 applications.

Medical project expertise and remote maintenance support

Before shipment, Mikron provides dedicated customer support through its committed training centre, which introduces clients to the standard operation of their machines.

After installation, the client is provided with specific training to ensure optimum use of the new system. Production assistance is also provided by Mikron’s technicians to increase productivity.

Further support is provided through remote maintenance tools, a service hotline and the expertise of technicians who arrive on-site to provide support throughout the lifecycle of an assembly solution.

Pharmaceutical and medical device industries must comply with stringent regulations and production processes, which need to be thoroughly verified. Mikron’s dedicated and skilled team offers medical project expertise for full qualification support following GAMP-5 guidelines.

About Mikron Automation

Mikron Automation is a division of the Mikron Group, with headquarters in Boudry, Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The division has 650 employees dedicated to design and support your systems at its sites in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Singapore and China, supporting you wherever you are in the world.

The company has installed more than 3,500 assembly and testing systems worldwide. In 2018, Mikron achieved CHF155m in annual sales revenue.

The company operates in the pharmaceutical, medtech, automotive, electrical / electronics, consumer goods and building industries.