Modulight Offers Wide Range of OEM Solutions for Diode Laser Applications

Extended design capabilities have enabled wide range of Modulight lasers to be offered as OEM modules. The solutions can incorporate laser driver and cooling solution to match with the laser requirements. For customers this translates to added value by ease of use, shortened development cycle, and freedom to focus on the application development.

OEM solutions for diode laser applications

OEM modules are offered in following configurations:

  • Single emitter based fiber-coupled solutions
  • Bar based fiber-coupled solutions
  • Multi-bar solutions

Possible applications are not limited and in-house design and manufacturing capabilities makes customisation possible at every level of integration, including laser diode design, packaging configuration, mechanics, cooling method, and control electronics.

Searching for solution to fit exactly to your needs?
Following four quick steps, we are already very close to finding solution to your application:

  • Choice of laser: wavelength, output power, other requirements (multimode, single-mode, pulsed, CW, etc.)
  • Control options: driver and controlling electronics (CW, pulsed, APC, ACC), cooling solution (TEC, water, air, passive)
  • Mechanics: compact standard solutions (turnkey systems, sub-system platforms), compact OEM solutions (custom designs)
  • Integration: control interfaces (RS-232, USB, analog, digital), user interfaces (keypad, touch screen, computer)

For more details please visit the Modulight website.

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