Modulight Releases OEM Laser Systems for Medical and Industrial Applications

Modulight has launched a set of OEM laser systems, ideal for medical and industrial applications. The sub-systems produce up to 1.5W optical power and cover most of the conventional wavelengths between 635nm and 1550nm.

Standard configuration is based on Modulight Butterfly module line-up options and includes integrated laser driver, controller, cooling, and external modulation interface. Customisable options include wavelength, power and output specification, control interface, form factor, and various operating parameters, but are not limited to these features.

Currently the following wavelengths and maximum powers are offered with standard configurations:

  • 635nm, 500MW
  • 650nm / 665nm, 750MW
  • 808nm, 1.5W
  • 940nm / 980nm, 1.5W
  • 1470nm / 1550nm, 500MW

Other wavelengths and power levels are available as per request.

“I am excited about this new release. This is clearly yet another way for us to lower the threshold of using our lasers. By presenting a standard OEM system level platform for single-emitter lasers, our customers benefit from existing versatile design, in-house customisation capability from chip to system level, and very large wavelength range from 630nm to 1650nm,” comments Sampsa Kuusiluoma, Modulight’s product line manager for integrated laser solutions.

“We have supplied a number of custom OEM systems already for a few years but we believe that a standard solution will enable larger customer base within equipment manufacturer market. The OEM systems have been designed to enable simple integration interface both mechanically and electrically.”

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