Modulight Releases Multi-Chip Red Laser Modules for LLT

Modulight has expanded the FiberLight product family by releasing multi-chip red laser modules for cosmetics, therapeutics and fluorescence applications. The laser modules can host up to four laser diodes which are coupled to a single 200µm core fibre with NA=0.22 and terminated with a standard SMA-905 connector. A typical configuration includes a thermistor and a TEC-element for temperature control and a photodiode for power monitoring.

At the moment, the following wavelengths and power levels are available as standard multi-chip laser module products:

  • 635nm, 1W 3-chip version, 1.5W (4-chip version)
  • 650nm, 2W 3-chip version, 3W (4-chip version)
  • 670nm, 2.5W 3-chip version, 3W (4-chip version)
  • 680nm, 2.5W 3-chip version, 3W (4-chip version)

Other wavelengths and power levels are available on request.

“Single-emitter approach is beneficial compared to array approach in terms of better heat management, higher power per emitter, and better brightness. In addition, the laser diodes are wired in series leading to a low operation current, which is often beneficial from the system design point of view,” comments Dr Tommi Hakulinen, product engineer responsible for Modulight’s fibre-coupled products.

For more details visit Modulight’s website.

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