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Protomatic Medical

Precision CNC Medical Machining and Prototype Development

2125 Bishop Circle West,
MI 48130,
United States of America

2125 Bishop Circle West,
MI 48130,
United States of America

Protomatic Medical specializes in CNC precision medical machining. We manufacture complex orthopedic medical devices such as hip, pedicle and maxoclofacial screws; locking pins and nails; bone plates; and mandibular joint replacement devices.

We also specialize in cardiovascular medical equipment, such as trocar devices, tunnellers, peristaltic pump components, and import and outport connections for left ventricular assist devices (LVADs).

Medical prototypes and medical device design

Protomatic Medical also offers medical prototypes and medical device design. We regularly manufacture components and our CNC capabilities include 4-axis and 5-axis milling as well as 3-axis turning. Fine precision machining and laser engraving are also available.

Protomatic Medical is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your medical device machining needs. Our team can work with a wide range of materials, including aluminum, steel, plastic, rubber, ceramics, titanium, refractory metals and superalloys.

Components for left ventricular assist devices and aortic punches

Protomatic Medical often supplies components for left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) – pump-like devices that are surgically implanted to maintain the pumping ability of a heart that can no longer function on its own. We can also provide components for aortic punches, which are used to implant replacement heart valves in the heart as well as arterial bypass grafts in order to repair damaged arteries.

LVADs and aortic punches are just a couple of examples of the cardiovascular instruments we manufacture. We are a leading supplier of a range of instruments used in cardiovascular procedures and treatments, including:

  • Trocar devices
  • Tunnellers
  • Peristalic pump components
  • Specialized surgical tools

Medical prototypes for orthopedics

Recent advances in the medical machining industry have led to an increased number and variety of products for orthopedic uses. We are at the forefront of this technology, creating outstanding medical prototypes that are used by orthopedic surgeons all over the country. We continue to grow by creating more types of components needed for artificial joint replacements, also known as orthopedic implants.

Prototype testing of orthopedic implants

Our capabilities for rapid prototype testing of custom orthopedic implants enable us to constantly enhance our product quality. Our testing capabilities help speed time to clinical trials and commercial launch.

We are able to take orthopedic implants from design concept to medical device prototyping and on to production in record time. Our medical devices are guaranteed for accuracy and precision, from the orthopedic implants to the surgical tools used to install them.

Our product range includes:

  • Plates and screws
  • Locking pins and nails
  • Locking plate systems
  • Pedicle screws
  • Circular external fixation systems
  • Cannulated lag screws
  • Cannulated othopedic screws
  • Maxillofacial devices
  • Maxillofacial screws and implants

Components for cytometers

Protomatic Medical manufactures components for many medical instruments, including cytometers or ‘cell counters’. A cytometer is similar to a microscope, except that instead of producing an image of the cell, it offers high-throughput for a large number of cells. This is just one area in which we have become an innovator in the machining of medical devices.

In addition to our specialties in cardiovascular and orthopedic medical devices, our skilled designers and craftsmen are ready to assist you with the development of any other medical product.

Tips for Choosing a Prototyping Machine Shop

Choosing the right prototyping machine shop for projects is an important decision in the entire process for entrepreneurs with little experience in dealing with CNC machine shops.

How to Get Your Idea Turned into a Prototype

The first step in getting a product to market is to undertake a feasibility study, which is where basic research has to be done to ensure an idea makes economic sense.

US Poised to Become the Global Manufacturing Leader

According to the 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index report from the Deloitte Global Consumer & Industrial Products Industry Group and the US Council on Competitiveness, the US stands to become the most competitive manufacturing nation in the next five years.

Protomatic Exceeds ISO Requirements

Protomatic completed an internal audit and management review on 20 February 2015 to remain up-to-date with ISO audit requirements, which is conducted annually.

Protomatic’s Mazak Quick Turn Machine

Protomatic helps customers add capacity with its new Mazak Quick Turn, which enables the company to offer several advanced machining features such as re-threading, remote auto centering for bar stock loading, and load controlled auto pecking for drilling.

Protomatic Adds Lathe for Larger Parts

By now, faithful reader, you know that we are always expanding our capacity and increasing our ability to meet your needs. The latest addition from Protomatic is an Okuma LB3000EX lathe.

Happy Holidays 2012 from Protomatic Medical

In the spirit of the season, we thank you for your business and wish you all the best for the holidays and 2013. Everyone at Protomatic thanks you for giving us the opportunity to serve you in 2012.

Protomatic Adds a Robot for Improved Process Control

The Protomatic Manufacturing System now has its first robot. The setup is based on a Haas VF-2SSYT 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center (VMC) combined with the Midaco 6-axis 'Robotic Part Loading / Unloading system'.

Protomatic Puts a Spin on Improving Surface Finish

Protomatic recently added the ability to micro deburr small parts. This addition, a machine, known as "The sPINner", uses a circulating magnetic field and steel pins as media enabling us to deburr small details without altering the dimensions of a part.

Protomatic, Inc.

2125 Bishop Circle West


MI 48130

United States of America