PI-Medical Introduces Compact Motion Controller: Nanometer Precision for Multi-Axis Piezo Systems

The performance of precision positioning systems equally depends on their mechanical systems and on the way they are controlled. Physik Instrumente (PI) from Karlsruhe, Germany, the specialist for piezo-based nanopositioning, has been relying on fully digital technology for more than ten years now and adds the E-725 three-channel motion controller to its portfolio.

Thanks to digital technology, users have access via software to numerous parameters which optimise the settling time and linearity, or compensate for system inertia during fast scans.

Among other performance features, the E-725 optimises the dynamic positioning of specimen in the X, Y and Z directions for applications such as tracking or atomic force microscopy.

The E-725 uses modern interfaces such as USB and Ethernet. There are many software drivers available to support its integration as a sub-system in existing structures.

The E-725 in figures: a powerful 32 bit processor with 225MHz ensures a servo rate of 20kHz. The position signal has a 24 bit resolution. Digital inputs and outputs offer direct trigger signals from and to the devices in the system environment. Optionally, the individual axes can be controlled via analog inputs. In addition, the ID chip feature makes it possible to directly operate the nanopositioning system without prior adjustment at the factory.

Well-known for its high quality, PI has been one of the leading players in the global market for precision positioning technology for many years. PI has been developing and manufacturing standard and OEM products with piezo or motor drives for 40 years now. In addition to its three German factories, PI has eight subsidiaries and a total of over 500 employees worldwide.

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