Fast H-811 Hexapod: Small and Highly Dynamic for Testing Stations in Image Stabilisation


Achieving razor-sharp images even without camera support and excluding adverse effects, such as trembling hands or vehicle vibration, are important requirements on modern camera systems today.

For testing image stabilisation techniques, PI (Physik Instrumente) developed a new version of the H-811 Hexapod that achieves oscillations, i.e. rotary motions, with dynamics of 20Hz over a 0.1° travel range.

Here the Hexapod system repeatably executes a defined test trajectory.

As with the H-811.D1x Mini-Hexapod, the H-811.S11 Hexapod provides travel ranges of up to 34mm in the XY plane and up to 13mm in the Z direction.

The tilt angles are 20° around the X and Y axis and up to 42° around the Z axis.

The Motion Hexapod is driven by a controller that is equipped with a wave generator for sine oscillations. In addition, predefined trajectories can be saved.

Triggering and synchronous data recording is possible with digital I/O interfaces.

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