Lead-Free Piezo Ceramic Material from PI Ceramic Successful in First Industrial Applications

PI Ceramic is proud to announce the release of PIC700 material, which is lead-free, ceramic and can be used in first industrial applications.

The material is based on modified bismuth sodium titanate (BST) and is suitable for industrial ultrasound applications in the MHz range.

It can also be used for sonar and hydrophonic applications, with a maximum operating temperature of 200°C.

PI Ceramic can manufacture quantities of approximately 50 kilograms per process cycle, which can manufacture more than 10,000 piezo elements with the known standard dimensions using press technology.

PI Ceramic head of central development Eberhard Hennig said: "We have already gained first experience with its use in a commercial power ultrasonic transducer and expect PIC700 to prove itself in further applications.

"We have also seen that this new material behaves differently in applications than what we have seen with PZT materials.

"Suitable applications for lead-free piezo ceramics must be evaluated and qualified, and this is best achieved in cooperation with end users."

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