Precision XY Measuring Stage with Nanometer Resolution for Industrial Applications

The MCS XY from PI miCos offers high guiding and positioning accuracy for industrial applications

The new MCS XY stage from PI miCos for industrial measurement technology combines high guiding and positioning accuracy with loads of up to 20kg and high dynamics.

Its areas of applications include industrial surface measurement technologies such as topology measurements on workpieces and optics or structural measurements on semiconductor wafers. Its high load capacity of 20kg allows further axes to be mounted on the platform, such as vertical, rotary or tilting stages.

The MCS system achieves its performance characteristics through selective combination of mechanical and electronic precision components. With an optionally available linear encoder based on an interferometric displacement measuring system, the MCS achieves a resolution of 5nm at a repeatability of 0.2µm and a positioning accuracy of 3µm over the entire travel range of 102mm per axis.

Its low straightness and flatness deviations in the XY motion plane of less than 2µm confirm the high precision of the system.

The MSC is driven by DC motors, stepper motors or magnetic linear motors, as desired. In the system equipped with the SMC Hydra Motion Controller from PI miCos, the XY stage achieves velocities of up to 200mm/s and is also capable of moving constantly at a velocity below 1µm/s.

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